Virtually Together: An online community to connect the most isolated.

Virtually Together: An online community to connect the most isolated.

We understand this has been a challenging time for many for-purpose organisations.

Based on our conversations with the community, three issues are emerging:

  1. People are becoming more socially isolated, and those who are already isolated become even more so with mental health and wellbeing issues arising;
  2. Charities are under immense pressure due to increased demand and disruption to their core services; and
  3. Public awareness on social issues will be overshadowed by fear and isolation, decreasing donor contributions and volunteer participation.

There is an opportunity here to engage with those who are ‘temporarily’ isolated due to the pandemic and mobilise them to connect with and support those who are living in long-term isolation. 

In particular: people in aged care facilities, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, and people with mental health issues.

In response to this crisis, Communiteer is launching our Virtually Together campaign to use digital inclusion to tackle social isolation.

Using our existing platform and our expertise in virtual volunteering and online community building, this 6-month campaign will:

  • Support 300+ community organisations to stay connected with their donors, volunteers and clients, and provide their services remotely where possible;   
  • Connect 10,000+ people who are socially isolated with like-minded people and motivate them to engage in community-based activities;
  • Engage corporates and government agencies and their staff, in particular those with unplanned capacity, to participate in virtual volunteering; and
  • Mobilise resources through virtual volunteering and online activities to assist community organisations, which in turn help those who are the most vulnerable.

To put our best foot forward, we will provide the use of our virtual volunteering platform to all participating organisations and their supporters (staff and volunteers) at no cost for the duration of this campaign. We will also be partnering with over 30 other organisations to facilitate regular online events that will support you to engage in online volunteering and community building.

In this time of social distancing, we need to come together virtually to use our skills, resources, spare time and network, to create a positive and lasting impact.

So let’s be virtually together, and build an online community to connect the most isolated.

To express your interest, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information. 

If you know of any organisations that should be part of this social movement, please kindly forward this email to them.

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