Fill your volunteer roles on our platform!

Looking for an easier way to fill your current volunteer roles?

Find flexibility in the way you want to engage volunteers with role-based opportunities on the Communiteer platform!

We’re entering a new age, where virtual environments are essential to transcend borders, create resource sustainability and build a sense of continuity.

As we kick off our Take Climate Action community, we’re connecting not-for-profits and their opportunities to the businesses and volunteers that can help create collaborative action.

Need weekly support managing your social media? Seeking mentors for 1 hour per week? Or perhaps an accountant on the ready to volunteer their expertise as needed?

Find what you need on the Communiteer platform today!

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How do I start?

  1. If you’re not already on our platform, book a consultation. Recieve an empathetic and expert ear to determine your greatest volunteering needs, project-based or role-based opportunities.
  2. We’ll help identify your key needs and set you up with a personalised account. if you don’t already). With support from our dedicated team along the way.
  3. Once you’ve determined the opportunity details, click the ‘Create New’ button and go through the steps to create an opportunity.
  4. Our community of compassionate volunteers will see it within their Explore page. They can apply if they fit the description you’re looking for.
  5. Get in touch via private message with the applicants and have a conversation to see if they’re right for you.

To get your role-based opportunities listed on our platform, book your consultation and have a chat with our team 💚

Book your consultation here!

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