National Volunteer Week 2021

This year’s National Volunteer Week 2021 has the theme of: ‘Recognise. Reconnect. Reimagine’. And while we have been busy recognising some of our volunteer champions and not-for-profit organisations, this week has also given us an opportunity to reflect on why we think volunteering is important.

Here is why giving back is important, according to Communiteer’s team members:

Bishakha: “Volunteering is important. It not only helps us have a sense of purpose, but also helps the whole community come together to help each other. Nothing can beat the feeling of giving something back to the community.”

Vincent: “Giving back is important to me because I get to make a positive impact on the world around me and also develop myself as a person.”

Sandra: “Volunteering is a choice driven by passion – it is a powerful way for people to make a positive social impact by investing their time and contribute their skills volunteering for a particular cause. Giving back not only benefits the people they are volunteering for, but also for the volunteers themselves by gaining the experience, grow their skillset and feel good for doing good.”Processed with VSCO with preset

Muskaan: “It has been a long time that we have been taking everything for our need and will. The time has come to actually think: ‘Do we really need all of it? Can we give back for the betterment of society and our future generation?’ Deep down the answer is ‘Yes!’ for everyone, but that reflection needs to be converted into action. It is now or never. IT IS TIME WE GIVE BACK!”

Olivia: “Giving back to the community is so important, because it is the sharing of resources, whether that be our knowledge, time, hard work or a physical thing, that allows us to learn and build together. By combining the knowledge and experience from so many unique individuals, the possibilities for growth become endless, and it shows that giving back can really create a sense of fulfilment and purpose as an individual, and in a community.”

Diego: “Giving back offers you the chance to learn from different people. Your mind opens to new points of view that you had not contemplated. You learn not to be guided by first impressions and not judge anyone without first knowing them.”

Raj: “I believe in karma and the more you give, the more you receive. Every time I volunteer I feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Seeing the impact created and the difference you make in someone’s life, whether directly or indirectly, feeds the soul and really lifts you up.”

Victor: “Those who are able to have a duty to help those in need.
What I have is the ability to empower and mobilise people so that they can be the change they want to see in this world.”

Ken: “I think giving back is important because, firstly, it gives you that sense of purpose in life, which provides fulfilment and energy to continue living; Secondly, it allows you to connect with other people on a relationship level rather than a transactional level.”

Muneesh: “Giving back connects me to a sense of purpose and helps me overcome any uncertainty I have in my life. With so much change happening at work and outside of it, my purpose keeps me connected to the bigger picture and makes me more resilient – I can’t imagine my life without giving back!”

Willem: “Giving back helps me reflect on what I have been given myself. In a world that loves negative news, it is so important to recognise where we are abundant, whether that is in skills, time or money. Recognising what we have been given helps us to give even further.”

Jessie: “Thinking back on my life, I’ve realised how many people have helped me in the past, and for me, the best to “pay it forward” is to give back to those who may need a hand. Some of us have been lucky enough to receive help when we need it, but some don’t. Volunteering is a chance to help those who may need a hand but do not receive it. Now’s the time to give back!”

What does volunteering mean to you this National Volunteer Week 2021?

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