How corporate volunteers can make a difference

April 27, 2022

Tim Wilson, Communiteer

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When was the last time you felt you were contributing to a good cause? A cause that had fire stirring up inside your gut? This feeling comes from when you join a group that dedicates itself to the betterment of community, humanity and justice. Corporate volunteers have this power, and it can be given to you to give back using your specialised skill set.

But why does corporate volunteering matter?

The reality is that not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) wouldn’t exist without volunteers. They are the oil that allows the gears to move and the hand that turns them. What they do goes beyond the manpower, hours or skills they bring to a cause, it runs deeper. Volunteering matters because it simultaneously creates the best versions of others whilst showing the best version of us. What is created out of volunteering is happiness. There is no better word for it.

Your skills, whether they be writing, consulting, programming or leadership, can build happiness on the local front or global stage. Corporate volunteers are a sorely needed resource for the potential impact that they can have. Mountains need to be moved when it comes to working towards a greater good on behalf of an NFP. That is what you can do, move mountains, create structure, lead others and build entire communities. Corporate volunteers can help with seemingly impossible tasks.

If I have had access to a Data Engineer or a Data Scientist from Westpac for a day. As a senior analyst at Amnesty, we could have made great strides.” – Alex Santos.

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What is the state of the NFP sector?

The NFP sector may be bigger than you realise. Employing more than 1.3 million people and being 11% of the workforce. The demand for skilled volunteers is increasing in all areas from mental health services to food and shelter aid. But the supply to meet these growing demands is not rising at the same rate.

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns over the last 2 years have put a strain on NFPs’ ability to work, recruit and generate revenue. The public and private sectors weren’t the only ones feeling the pain. When discussions about the economy are happening, unfortunately, we forget about the NFP sector.

According to Mckinsey and Company, due to the increase in the unemployment rate, the reliance on Foodbank doubled. Mental health phone services saw a significant uptick in their call volumes, ranging from 22 percent to 68. Almost 40% of domestic violence services reported having moderate to significant numbers of new clients within the first three months. And when it came to online search engines, searches increased by a staggering 120% for social service providers.

No doubt the pandemic has increased the need for the NFP sector and corporate volunteers. Whilst also exacerbating the challenges that the everyday person deals with. The NFP sector is doing its best to bounce back and is remaining strong. But due to not being able to meet its ever-growing demand, the priorities of a lot of NFPs are re-shifting to the short term rather than the long term.

This sector has always been a big part of not only the Australian economy but Australian culture. We are a world leader in several aspects of philanthropy thanks to our NFPs, but they still need help. 

Getting back on track!

If NFPs are a ship drifting at sea, corporate volunteers are the star shining in the skies guiding them home.

A report on the NFP sector showed that 23% of workers believed their organisation was operating at “somewhat effective” or less. Plenty of room for improvement to be made, and this is where you come in! 

There is an opportunity to work beyond one job and pour your energy into a project and proudly say; “What I did, made a difference”. That is what volunteering is about, making an undeniable, tangible difference that you can point to and touch. Communiteer has plenty of opportunities in which you and other corporate volunteers can make an impact.

Not-for-profits need corporate volunteers who are leaders, possess high-end skills and commitment but more than anything else they need volunteers who care. We don’t want to match you up according to what you can do for a cause. We want to know what interests you! And from there, find enthusiasm in a community you can’t stay away from.

Start your volunteering journey & join Communiteer now!

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