pathway to employment how does it work?

Pathway to Employment: How will it work?

Communiteer is proud to launch our Pathway to Employment campaign. In our recent event launch, we outlined our why and how the campaign will work. 

We were also lucky enough to hear from our panellists:

Louise Dean, Dell Corporate Social Responsibility Lead

Ipsita Wright, AVI Executive Manager International Services

Alex Connor, UTS SOUL Award Lead, Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion.

pathway to employment

Here’s what pathway to employment means to each of our panellists.

Our why?

Australia is facing a youth employment crisis. 2020 and 2021 have created a record number of graduates and recent graduates who are entering the workforce. Despite there being a record number of jobs advertised, none are for those entering the workforce.

This is why we’ve created the Pathway to Employment campaign.

How will the campaign work?

For the rest of 2021, we will create a community to empower young people and improve their employability in these three ways:

  1. Connect students and corporate volunteers in the workforce
  2. Facilitate opportunities for students to put their knowledge into practice
  3. Provide guidance and feedback to increase student confidence and wellbeing

What does Pathway to Employment mean to UTS?

Alex has noticed there are many students who have skills that are desired by not-for-profit organisations, however, they do not have the connections. This is especially true for students who are already disadvantaged, such as international students and students who don’t come from families with many university graduates. Pathway to Employment means students can finally have that connection that they need. 

Not only that, UTS has seen the real-life impacts the students have created. Whether that’s a non-profit organisation implementing a new design created by the student or writings done by them, students and their universities can see how their volunteering has translated into the real world.

What does Pathway to Employment mean to Dell?

To Dell, it’s not so much that the mentor gives and the mentee simply gets. Louise believes that every mentor-mentee relationship is a two-way street, and the mentor should get as much out of the relationship as the mentee. So, Pathway to Employment means learning as well as giving, and this should be for all corporate mentors.

What does Pathway to Employment mean to AVI?

Ipsita takes us back to when she was a social worker, where she remembers this theory: you only need two people in your orbit to really make a difference. So to the corporate volunteers, Ipsita asks them to consider whether they could be one of the two people to give a student a leg-up in their career.

And for the students, Pathway to Employment means to have one-on-one time with a mentor, who can push you, challenge you, and perhaps even be your referee.

What does this look like?

There are five stages for the campaign, powered by Communiteer and facilitated by AVI:

  1. Engage: preparing the mentor-mentee relationship and understanding the journey 
  2. Plan: initial meeting, goal settings, committing to each other and the PTE campaign, figuring out the logistics
  3. Emerge: growth for both the mentee and the mentor, regular check-ins
  4. Complete: reflection and review, evaluation, feedback
  5. Sustain: self-directed continuation of the mentor-mentee relationship

This campaign will change the way we think of student volunteering and open doors for corporate volunteers who don’t have the structures and resources to mentor effectively. We’re empowering future changemakers by enabling leaders who are ready to pass on their knowledge.

We’re using education today to create change for tomorrow.

Watch our video of our panellists below!

Join our Pathway to Employment campaign today and be the change you want to see in the world!

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