Product Update 019

Implemented on 3rd September 2020

Infrastructure and other fixes

This is mostly a backend release with a few fixes upfront. If you’re interested in providing us with further feedback, you can send an email to Thanks for your help!

New features

  • N/A


  • Community discussion tabs now load much faster.
  • Content no longer shows their names in the URL to simplify the URL.
  • Community notification emails are now set to once per week.


  • Invite-only communities no longer show their content in the public Explore page.
  • User profile overlays now consistent in appearance to other content overlays (such as story and opportunities).
  • Notification emails should no longer be sent to deactivated accounts.


  • Role-based opportunities to accommodate those who need volunteering in a more traditional capacity, such as volunteer board member positions, secondments and mentoring programs.
  • User Interface improvements to better reflect the identity of those communities, such as more prominent logo placement.
  • Micro-actions for content, such as upvotes and the display of stats for each content.
  • Easier navigation to a user’s communities from the left-hand navigation.
  • Mobile web – A mobile version of the platform.


If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach us in the community titled  “Communiteer New Users Community” within our platform. Alternatively, you can email us at to have your queries directly addressed by one of our staff.

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