What Volunteering Means to Communiteer

At Communiteer we believe in living our values and giving back. 

While we celebrate the efforts of volunteers everyday, National Volunteer Week is one of particular importance for everyone at Communiteer.  

“I’ve volunteered for a number of organisations before”

Co-Founder and CEO Victor Lee’s mindset towards volunteering is one centred on asking himself ‘why not?’. He emphasises that volunteer experiences yields benefits for both the volunteer and the community, “Volunteering is good for the soul and it benefits other people at the same time: a win-win situation.”

“It also builds an inclusive community and provides a reason to bring people together in an otherwise isolated and busy life.” 

In the spirit of embracing volunteer opportunities, Victor has offered his time to a range of causes and organisations. He is one of the 33 million Australians who participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day Event, a photographer for events hosted by the Sutherland Shire Family Services and The Junction Neighbourhood Centre, a non-executive board member at Youth Connections and The Shack Youth Services and helps out the Local State Emergency Services in an ad-hoc capacity. 

“I get involved in volunteer opportunities because I could and should.”

“I find it really humbling to be given the opportunity to listen to other people’s stories. It gives me a different perspective on my world views and brings clarity to what’s truly important in life.”

Volunteering is Truly Important in Life

By engaging in volunteer experiences, Victor realised that it was important for him to think about how he can build a social good network, to encourage others to join him in a collective effort to give back.

“My perception of what makes a good volunteer has changed a lot over the years. I’ve broadened my understanding to a more holistic level, which forms the underlying principles that Communiteer is based on today.” 

The principles which guide everyone at Communiteer are caring about others, making a difference, valuing everyone’s contribution, working together and doing the right thing. They will continue to lie at the heart of our work as we grow as an organisation. 

“From our humble beginnings in trying to make volunteering accessible and as flexible as possible, we’ve evolved our approach to include raising awareness and the creation of an inclusive community as equally critical parts to increasing social participation.” 

To gain more team insights into volunteering, look out for more stories about why giving back is important to us on our blog. We look forward to sharing why volunteering makes a world of difference. 

Written by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer

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