Building a Social CV to Understand Your Social Impact

One of the major factors contributing to volunteer engagement in Australia is understanding the difference we make when we invest our time in giving back to the community, according to Volunteering Australia. On the other hand, not being able to recognise the value of participating in a volunteer experience can detract from the positive aspects of it and prevents volunteer organisations from retaining people overtime. Essentially, volunteering with purpose is something that strengthens your connection to a social cause while enhancing other people’s capacity to build communities.

A Social CV shows that you are committed to something greater than yourself while instilling a greater awareness of how you can offer a solution to a social cause that you are passionate about. It shows your volunteer involvement and how your contributions aligned with the achievement of key targets and the sustainable development goals, making it a meaningful and tangible way to see how your efforts form part of the broader picture.

How can I use a Social CV to reflect on my social impact? 

It gives you a chance to understand how your individual talents, interests, skills and abilities can be used to improve outcomes for the groups who are affected by a social issue. This is a foundation for determining the causes of an issue and how you can potentially resolve them in an individual capacity. 

From this, you can gain insight into how your actions complement the collective effort of everyone involved in a volunteer organisation. Conceptualising your role in this way makes you realise how vital the time and effort you commit to everyone in the community is. 

What does Social Impact mean? 

At a broader level, it is the mark that an organisation’s actions have on the wellbeing of the community. This can occur in the form of an improvement in the outcomes for others over a short or long – term period. It may benefit people directly involved in a volunteer organisation or have an impact on different communities, states and other countries. 

As an individual, social impact is the change that you see in the way that you interact with the world around you and whether your story about a volunteer experience influenced your family and friends to create positive changes in their own lives. 

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