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Cathy Zhao (UTAS): “Apply knowledge to real-life scenarios”

As part of our Pathway to Employment campaign, Communiteer is proud to feature some of the students who have used volunteering as a way to contribute to society, learn, and gain essential skills needed in employment.

Our first feature is Sunkaiqi Zhao (Cathy), who’s studying a Master of Professional Accounting at the University of Tasmania. Throughout her 12-week remote volunteering experience, Cathy and her team members completed a project under the guidance of a mentor, Ken Kusuma.

The project required her and her team to calculate the cost of one hour of volunteering. While that may sound easy, Cathy recalls many problems they faced. For example, they had limited data, which meant they had to assume what this data was. This then made the project very different from her previous case studies. 

Cathy believes this opportunity gave her many things she would not have learnt in the classroom. She fondly speaks of three particular examples. Including, the ability to apply her knowledge in real-life situations, learning to solve problems together as a team, and improving her work efficiency to not let the team down.

“I realised what it means to report instead of handing in homework,” she explains.

With this experience, Cathy says she now has a better understanding of cost accounting. She hopes to find a job in a related field. At the same time, she will continue to volunteer because “it’s the best way to see the difference between virtual and real cases, learn how to apply pre-existing knowledge to real-life scenarios, and learn to work in a team.”

“I’m really happy to have the opportunity to volunteer through Communiteer.”

This is a screenshot of Cathy’s video conference with the mentor. Cathy is the person in the lower right corner. 

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