Activate Team Building

Corporate Volunteering Events

Return to work with purpose.

Business leaders are struggling to get their teams back into the office. Though for many, home is proven to be a more productive and comfortable place to work. So why should we be trying to get people back?

Spontaneous collaboration is a driver of innovation and new ideas! Knowing your colleagues, cross-pollinating between departments and building a strong cultural identity is difficult with only work as the topic of conversation.

Instead of bringing our teams back together by force, let’s give them an experience to share and be inspired with volunteer team building activities.


Build team cohesion, participation and collaboration through group activities with a shared purpose.


Enhance your employee value proposition with flexible activities aligned to their skills and values.


Engage your employees with a greater purpose at work and equip with peer support knowledge.

Our Team Building Activities

For a Day

Half-day and full-day packages spark energy and impact.

For a Week

Add variety, locations and recognition to make an impression company wide.

For a Season

Build a narrative that unites teams around a shared purpose.

Team Building Stories

Through hackathons with our corporate community, Communiteer has so far facilitated:

Corporate Volunteers

Volunteer Hours

NFPs Supported

Hear the experiences of corporate volunteers using their skills for good and connecting with like-minded colleagues, all while supporting community impact organisations.

Let’s get started

Facilitated activities are included within our Corporate Volunteering Plans. Book a chat with our team for pricing and further details on our volunteering services.

1. Tell your Story

Fill us in on your social pillars, CSR strategy current programs and learning & development initiatives.

2. Set expectations

Identify your participation targets and reporting requirements, now and in the future. Where do you want to go?

3. See our programs

We’ll walk you through our services, which gaps they fill and how we can create the ideal employee experience.