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Recruiting the next generation

While it’s an employees market, emerging talent is navigating unattached until the opportunity comes along that’s right for them. What are they asking for?

The top reasons millennials and Gen Zs left their employers over the last two years were pay, feeling the workplace was detrimental to their mental health, and burnout.

But when it comes to why they chose their current employer, here are their next top priorities according to a Deloitte 2022 survey.

Work-life balance

Learning & development

A sense of meaning

Progression opportunities

Bringing graduates, students and current employees together for a volunteering experience, we can state our values and intentions with action and impact.


Build team cohesion, new connections  and collaboration around shared purpose and values.


Enhance employee value proposition, demonstrating organisational values to emerging talent.


Resources social causes, increasing our competency and capacity to achieve a sustainable future.

A holistic solution to talent acquisition

Our solution comprises of 3 key components to connect learned tools and strategies to real-world challenges.


Open the space for shared understanding of the motivations and concerns of upcoming and potential talent.

Internal Communications

Co-designed to support existing People & Culture strategies, rally participation and increase employee engagement.

Program Partners

Workshops to set context and share strategies for individual behavioural and cultural change.


Support employees to clarify their professional purpose and develop leadership skills by providing guidance to emerging talent.

Mentor Program

Employees are matched with university students in similar technical fields with regular meetings.

Recognition Event

Participants and management are brought together to unpack program learnings and experiences.


Reinforce learning and established relationships, while engaging technical skills and creating social impact.

Group Volunteering

 Hackathon event in multidisciplinary teams to unpack and ideate solutions for NFP challenges.


Self-guided search in mentor pairs for suitable opportunities via the Communiteer platform across our NFP community.


This program will go across a period of 20 weeks, including preparation, recruitment, engagement and recognition.

Let’s get started

1. Tell your Story

Fill us in on your social pillars, CSR mantra, current programs & employee engagement initiatives.

2. Set expectations

Identify your participation targets and reporting requirements, now and in the future.

3. View programs

We’ll walk you through each of our programs, which gaps they fill and the volunteering experience.

If you are yet to book a follow up meeting, reach out to our team:
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Participating Organisations

Resources & Stories

Fixing The Great Resignation with the Greater Good

After such long periods of isolation, employers are having to rethink what their employees really need. They want a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work. But employers feel stumped on how to facilitate them. 

The Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z & Millennial Survey

As this year’s survey results indicate, the sustained workplace changes they’ve been asking for, which are also the strategies that will help employers attract and retain talent. 


Purpose Under Pressure, Allison+Partners

This study unpacks the benefits of Purpose during turbulent times, its value for recruitment and retention – as well as some early red flags for Purpose practitioners – and tools to embed Purpose for maximum benefit.

View more programs below

Strength in Diversity

Volunteering drives action and builds a more compassionate, inclusive and united society. Let’s revise Diversity & Inclusion training with a new way to educate and activate teams.

Social & Sustainable Procurement

With Procurement Australia, join local NFPs to improve our collective knowledge of circular economy practices and make ethical, sustainable choices.

Well-being @ Work

Uniting strategies in employee engagement and development for a pro-active approach to well-being. Activate your teams with the tools and knowledge to be well-being advocates.

Pathway to Employment

Empower future global citizens with the tools they need to be the change they want to see in the world, while cultivating your leadership talent and mentoring capabilities.