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Why should corporates collaborate with Communiteer?

Create meaningful employee experiences, and foster a greater sense of teamwork and customer-centricity. 

Communiteer has a unique value offering that can ensure the maximisation of your employee time, whilst providing an inspirational and engaging atmosphere to create quantifiable and timely action, so you know exactly what your team has achieved.

As a partner of the UNAA, we use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for measuring and reporting outcomes.

We offer a range of products that can suit your businesses needs, from a subscription for employee access to the platform to one or two-day hackathons, or ongoing training programs. 

If you’d like to take a look at the platform, individual access is FREE!

Pricing & Services

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of your organisation.

  • -Access-
    • Provide flexible volunteering opportunities
    • Engage your staff
    • Measure outcomes against the SDGs
    • Increase Social Return on Investment (SROI)

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  • -Events-
    • Attend facilitated volunteering events
    • Contribute employee skills and time to tackle a NFP problem
    • Develop teamwork and collaborative skills

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  • -Programs-
    • Co-design shared-purpose programs
    • Create applied learning opportunities
    • Collaborate on strategic projects with NFPs

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We have partnered with Australia’s largest workplace giving platform, Good2Give.

Now you can manage your corporate donations and volunteering all in one place!

Get in touch with them for more information and a demo of their platform.

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Use Communiteer as a tool to engage your staff, contribute to corporate social responsibility targets, and create measurable social outcomes.


Resources & Case Studies

Previous corporate volunteering events co-facilitated by Communiteer and Humanity in Business.

Read about these outcomes below.

Large Multinational Bank

One of our L&D service offerings are customer-centric leadership programs, delivered to large corporates as a low-risk environment for staff to learn and develop their skills by applying them to strategic business challenges faced by charities. In turn, these consultations give charities executable business plans with new diversified income streams for healthier business sustainability.

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PMI Sydney and IIBA Australia

One of our CSR service offerings are employee volunteering events, including 1-day skill-based volunteering (a.k.a hackathons). When employees want to make the most impact possible within 1 day of volunteer leave, using their professional skills to help charities with their project management and business analysis challenges.

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Bauer and Slingshot Media

Skill-based volunteering events are great Business Development opportunities. Marketing professionals showing off their expertise and skills to deliver much-needed skills to charities contributing to SDGs 5 and 10.

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