Virtual Hackathons

Connect, collaborate, contribute – online

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Communiteer is combining the scalability of tech solutions with the speed and outcome-driven format of hackathons.

A ‘hack-a-thon’ is an ideation workshop whereby participants are guided to work through a specific project in a structured manner. It’ll be fast paced and is facilitated in such a way to ensure we maximise the impact we can create together in a concentrated amount of time.

What’s involved?

A short, pressurized process where ideas are designed, developed, deployed, and demonstrated, consisting of 5 phases

Team forming & context setting
Understanding the NFP mission & challenge
Brainstorming & ideation
Presenting the final solution
Reward & recognition

How will this benefit your teams?

Virtual hackathons are a new and creative way to activate teams, rather than painting walls or packing boxes. Your teams can create a meaningful impact on strategic projects that have a lasting benefit to not-for-profits and their delivery of essential services.

Hackathon Illustrations

Engage employees across different teams around a common cause;


Provide WFH teams flexible volunteering options online;


Scale the impact of your volunteering program with maximum impact.

Next Steps

Get in touch with our team to express your interest in planning a hackathon.

This is an add-on product to your existing corporate volunteering plan with Communiteer.

Our expert consultant team will scope projects from your community partners, we’ll provide content to build interest and awareness of volunteering with your teams, and together, we’ll facilitate activities on the day, capturing the stories and impact.

Want to know more? Get in touch!