10 by 10 Philanthropy Model For Young Professionals

According to Forbes, 50% of Millennials would take a pay cut for work that is aligned with their values. They endeavour to work for companies that are socially responsible and make a positive impact on society.  The ethos of young professionals is that everyone has the capacity to influence change. You can inspire others to make a difference, through living purpose-driven lives and giving back to the community. Through their work, 10 by 10 Philanthropy is bringing this value to life. They are enhancing their capacity for creating long-term change. 

The Model

10 by 10 Philanthropy is equipping young professionals with the ability to make a difference; by using a model which is simple, replicable and low-cost. It is an innovative way to engage them in pursuit of higher purpose . At the same time, enhancing their skills and building their professional network. Through this, they are building a global movement centred on maximising social impact and using young leaders to foster change. 

The events that 10 by 10 Philanthropy host engage the young supporter base and transform their lives. They increase their ability to support a team and be a leader while igniting a passion for philanthropy. This lies at the heart of creating a valuable network of involved young professionals. In addition, they can offer their expertise and connections to social causes

Why 10 by 10? 

64% of the committee members who have been involved would recommend the experience to their friends. Volunteering as a young professional yields personal benefits, beyond forming professional connections. Supporting 10 by 10 has led to volunteers feeling a greater sense of pride and satisfaction in what they achieved. Additionally, a greater sense of engagement and ownership of the contribution they have made. They have accelerated their ability to have an impact through giving and contributed to the development of their knowledge. 

10 by 10 will have an effect on young professionals move into the next stages of their career. “Millennials will soon make up 50% of the workforce. Companies will have to radically evolve their value proposition to attract and retain this sociallyconscious group.” This is according to Alison Dasilva, Executive Vice President of CSR Research & Insights at Cone Communications.

For her, “Integrating a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility into the work experience will have a clear bottom-line return for companies.”

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