Hackathons International

A collaboration to scale social impact in the virtual world.

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Who is Hackathons International?

Hackathons International aims to educate and create tomorrow’s changemakers, getting them to think outside of the box. They design, develop and deploy innovative experiences that achieve tangible outcomes. Their core values are diversity, sustainability and equality.

After Communiteer connects corporates, NFPs and volunteers, Hackathons International will facilitate a collaborative virtual workshop using a tried and tested formula to engage professionals together across different teams and disciplines to ideate NFP business challenges.

Hackathons International and Communiteer are bringing virtual and event-based volunteering into one place, combining the scalability of tech solutions with the speed and outcome-driven event format.

What is a hackathon?

A short, pressurized process where ideas are designed, developed, deployed, and demonstrated, consisting of 4 phases.

Online hackathons are the new ‘volunteer days’ for corporates organisations, professional industry groups, and social groups. They’re a unique experience that enables a high level of engagement, interactiveness and creativity for small or large teams.

They can range from 1 day to 1 week programs​, and include tasks that require diverse perspectives and skills.

How will this help not-for-profits?

These events will:



Provide NFPs with experienced, professional talent available in one place



Develop solutions that embrace the future, with the most current industry knowledge



Create greater social impact through large-scale strategic projects

This partnership will empower NFPs to embrace the future and digital transformation with the help of industry experts.

How will this benefit corporates?

These events will:

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Engaging staff from different teams with a common cause, breaking down silos

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Provide working-from-home staff flexible volunteering options, without health risks

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Scale the impact of volunteering programs by maximising efficiency and outputs

After the event, your team will have the ability to volunteer ongoing on the Communiteer platform on the projects they’ve developed.

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