How To Rehome Unwanted Clothes In Australia

Do you have too much clothing and don’t know what to do with them? Here are some useful tips for rehoming them. 

Donate Pre-Loved Clothes

If you have clothes that you don’t love anymore but can still be worn, you can donate them to a charity shop instead of throwing them away. Someone else can wear them and love them instead. 

You can start by going through your closet and finding items that you haven’t worn in over 6 months. Create a pile of clothes to donate and leave them in a donation bag, so that you can take them to your local Vinnies or Salvos. 

If you see an item that you haven’t worn in a while or want to wear, it is a good idea to keep it for a month and see if a chance to wear it comes up.

Make sure you donate clothes that can be loved again. It is a good idea to ask yourself, “Would I give this item to my best friend?”. If the answer is no, think about sustainable ways to dispose of your clothes.

Organise a Local Clothing Swap

Whether it’s the whole community or the people who live on your street, it is worth getting everyone together to swap clothes they no longer want. It’s an opportunity to meet your neighbours, while getting a new wardrobe.

To make sure that everyone brings quality clothes, you can set some rules for a local clothing swap. You can limit the items that can be swapped or open it up to household items too.

A good idea is to invite your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues! Sticking with the season is a way to make sure everyone there will want to take your items. You can make a request for everyone to bring clean and gently washed clothes, which can be swapped with people of all shapes and sizes.

Having a full body mirror handy is a great way for people to see how clothes will look on them and encourage them to look at more of your items.

Sell Clothing Items on Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is like a community clothing swap which you can access from the comfort of your phone screen. You can join local Buy, Swap and Sell groups which connect you with other people in your community. Then you can post clothes and other items that you want to sell. 

If you would like your pre-loved items to be gone quickly, it is a great idea to show photos of them at all angles and include a photo of you wearing them. It shows a potential buyer what they would look like on them. 

A good description is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful listing. Make sure to let people know why you are selling the clothes and suggest ways they can be worn. Include the ideal location for pickup and let the potential buyer know the times you are available to make a sale. Make sure to include details about the size and fit of the item you would like to sell.

If your clothes end up in a new home, someone else can enjoy them and refresh their wardrobe. It’s a win-win situation!

Written by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer.

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