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Juni Liu (UTAS): Her student volunteering experience

It’s National Student Volunteer Week (NSVW) this week, and it coincides with our Pathway to Employment campaign. As part of the campaign, Communiteer is proud to feature some of the students who have used volunteering as a way to contribute to society, learn, and gain essential skills needed in employment.

We chat with Juni, a student from the University of Tasmania, about her experience volunteering at Communiteer and what she gained from it.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Juni, a final-year student in UTAS when I volunteered at Communiteer. Besides volunteering, I am also working part-time in a local company.

Tell us about your volunteering experience through Communiteer.

It was an amazing 11-weeks journey. At first, it was difficult as I am in Tasmania and Communiteer is in Sydney. However, it did not really mean anything. We could still volunteer by using the platform provided by Communiteer. It made all the processes easier and I did not need to worry about the distance between Communiteer and me.

What motivated you to volunteer?

I wanted to be involved in the community, meet more people, and gain more experience and knowledge. It was also an opportunity given to me by my university to do a corporate internship on a volunteer basis.

What did you learn from this volunteering experience?

From my past volunteering experience, I know that volunteering doesn’t always have to be face-to-face, but you can do it through technology. I still gained so much knowledge from it and it taught me more about time management and discipline.

Was there a highlight from your volunteering experience?

It was my first time doing a virtual volunteering activity which was challenging and interesting. Thanks to my mentor Ken, I was brought to the right path during my volunteering experience. 

Now that you’ve finished, what else would you like to do?

This is my final year at the university, and it’s time for me to set a goal for my career. Besides, I am still volunteering in the local community on a weekly basis.

Why do you think students should get involved in volunteering?

Without any doubt, students will gain more experience and knowledge during volunteering. They will also have more connections, which will be an advantage for them in the future, especially when looking for a job.

Check out what else is happening this National Student Volunteer Week, and join our Pathway to Employment campaign and allow your students to gain some real-world experience by volunteering!

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