Leadership Collaboration Hub

The NonProfit Alliance (NPA) and Communiteer are moving into the virtual world to connect NFP leaders around Australia.

NPA Leadership programs bring together leaders who are united in their belief in creating a better world; who choose to work in unique but complex organisations which deliver social outcomes; and who ultimately believe in their ability to affect meaningful change.

Now you can Share, Discuss and Collaborate on the Communiteer platform!

How does it work?

NPA’s mission is to build communities of support that assist leaders in their mission of making the world a better and more equitable place for all.

As a specialist in online community building, Communiteer has created a dedicated online community for all members.

Express interest below to begin Sharing, Discussing and Collaborating.

The NonProfit Alliance Community


Private: Exclusively for CEOs and Senior Executives

The NPA Leadership Hub is an exclusive community where leaders collaborate, share resources, request help and advice on the challenges facing non-profit organisations.

Available to NPA Members only.

The For-Purpose Alliance Community


Public: CEOs and Senior Executives of For-Purpose Organisations

The FPA community unites leaders of for-purpose organisations to help make their roles more efficient, effective and enjoyable through peer2peer collaboration; mutual learning; and shared resources.

Available to C-Suite social sector leaders across Australia.

Coming soon!

1. Share insights & information.

2. Discuss common challenges.

3. Request help & assistance.

4. Collaborate on common goals.

5. Find expert support & recommendations.

Recruiting volunteers?

See how you can bring your organisation onto our platform and accelerate your digital transformation through virtual volunteering.

With our community of skilled corporate volunteers, you will amplify our collective impact and further your organisation’s cause.

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