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Become a Communiteer Partner

Why join Communiteer?

Co-design a mutually beneficial arrangement that amplifies our collective impact.

By harnessing the power of collaboration, we can engage more individuals and organisations with social causes.

If you care about making a difference, become one our partners today.


Collaborative Opportunities

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of your organisation.

  • Referral
  • Let's
    • You provide a product or service that will add value to our stakeholders.

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  • Collaboration
  • Work
    • You have an opportunity for us to create positive social outcomes.

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  • Strategic
  • Together
    • You share our vision and want join our journey for the long haul.

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Onboarding & Support

We help our partners maximise their reach and influence, while engaging volunteers.

By working together we can build meaningful relationships with the community,

Help us build our potential for social change today.