Pathway to Employment: Our impact so far

When people come together to do amazing things, it’s only right we take the time to recognise them.

From July to December 2021, Communiteer, in partnership with AVI & Gradwise, brought together university students, corporate volunteers and not-for-profits to collaborate on skilled volunteering projects.

We built our cause-based community around Sustainable Development Goal 4; Quality Education and 8; Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Over the course of our Pathway to Employment (PTE) campaign, we’ve seen great relationships forged between our mentors & mentees and witnessed the spectacular work done by volunteers to tackle the youth employment crisis impacting Australia.

Thank you to all of our partners for making this possible!

Universities & Students 

Since the beginning of September, we’ve had 426 expressions of interest from students wanting to be involved in this program. This was our first program in the education space at this scale …

182 students are currently enrolled in the program either participating with a mentorindependently working through the program content or volunteering their skills for NFPs in need.

Being successful in the workplace isn’t just about technical knowledge. You need practical skills, transferable skills. Understanding what it means to be ready and what it takes to be successful in the workplace.
Anthony Kadi, University of Sydney

Mentoring is a very good way to consolidate your personal narrative. And I think reflection is super essential in figuring out where you need to put the time to improve.
Harrison Adkin, USYD Student Mentee

Corporates & Volunteers

Throughout the program, our pairs worked through set material over the 12-weeks from our partners, AVI.

But also the students’ own personal goals, be that finding their first job, building their interviewing skills and resume, or even identifying where they wanted to go in their career.

We’ve received some brilliant feedback not only from the mentors, but also from mentees who’ve really found value in the conversations that have been happening, and the relationships that have developed over the course of the program.

And I think just reflecting on my own experience as a mentor, there’s an exceptional generation of highly talented young people about to enter the workforce. And that gives us all terrific opportunity.
Jamie Nicholson, Roche

Social Impact

By encouraging students to volunteer with their mentors support, 30 skilled volunteering opportunities have been filled and started.

Between the impact on our NFP community and our 12-week mentoring program …

and contributed to key targets underneath the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

A massive thank you to all of our participants!

While you only meet each other briefly at the beginning, we hope you know you were a part of a larger movement, creating a holistic impact by bringing corporate, community and education into the one space.

To our mentees, we hope you’ve learned things about yourself, your career and the world.

To our mentors, thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and skills, as well as your vulnerability and personal stories. Thank you for being brave enough to build connections on a deeper level.

Next year we’re bringing new and exciting things to carry this community on and continue making a difference.

See you in 2022!

Watch our Recognition Night recording below!

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