Product Release Notes – 021

Implemented on 29th September 2020

Redesigning the Opportunities page

If you’re interested in providing us with further feedback, you can send an email to Thanks for your help!

New features

  • Redesigned Opportunity page for communities – This page is now completely revamped, including the following:
  • Separation between Active and Completed opportunities;
  • Filter by skills and type (project-based for now, role-based and event-based in the future);
  • New tile layout to better view opportunities.

Go check it out! 👉


  • Removed affiliated content from the user’s personal Feed page to reduce confusion. This means the affiliated content will only be shown in the Community News in a community. This makes more sense as only communities can be affiliated (with one another).


  • Minor fixes to the copy of on-platform notifications.
  • Issue where a page loads inside an overlay which looks weird.
  • Tasks are no longer interactable in the opportunity To Do tab for closed opportunities.
  • When an opportunity is closed, it will no longer be shown in the personal Feed, Explore and the Community News sections.
  • Fixed some unusual scrolling issues.
  • Fixed issue with closing direct message overlays.
  • Fixed issues where skills were not properly displayed on the opportunities page (redesigned above).
  • Users can no longer reorder opportunity tasks if:
  • They haven’t joined it; or
  • The Opportunity is closed.


  • Role-based opportunities to accommodate those who need volunteering in a more traditional capacity, such as volunteer board member positions, secondments and mentoring programs.
  • User Interface improvements to better reflect the identity of those communities, such as more prominent logo placement.
  • Easier navigation to a user’s communities from the left-hand navigation.
  • Fancy discussions functionality for community discussions and opportunity chats. This includes reactions, replies and @mentions.


If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach us in the community titled  “Communiteer New Users Community” within our platform. Alternatively, you can email us at to have your queries directly addressed by one of our staff.

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