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Product Update – 017

Implemented on 4th August 2020

Infrastructure and polish

This release, we’re auditing our infrastructure and polishing some key sections of the platform. If you’re interested in providing us with further feedback, you can send an email to Thanks for your help!

New features

  • Completely reworked project feedback! Tell us how you felt about your volunteering experience.


  • Auditing our infrastructure in preparation for more concurrent users in the coming months.
  • Further standardisation of fonts for project and event titles. They are now smaller, the same font family and more consistent with the rest of the overlay text.
  • Removed all community overlays – get to your communities faster than ever before!
  • Now name fields can have up to 128 characters instead of the old 24 characters.
  • Content overlay refinement
    • Full images! We used to cut off images in Stories and Programs. Now we don’t.
    • Stories, Announcements, Events and Programs no longer scroll inside the overlay. Instead, the overlay is treated like a static page that scrolls up and down the page, making for a much nicer reading experience.
    • The interface for uploading images to Stories and Programs has been made easier to use. Note: The nicer UI only applies to editing existing Stories and Programs, adding new ones still has the older UI. This will be fixed in a (near) future release. See internal updates section at the bottom of this document for more details.


  • Community logos stretched in various content overlays and community sections.
  • Email subject datetime set to UTC+10 instead of UTC+0.
  • Removed Appcues tracking.
  • Migrate old notifications into new model (backend)


  • User Interface improvements to better reflect the identity of those communities, such as more prominent logo placement.
  • Guided experience for opportunity / project creation for community admins.
  • Easier navigation to a user’s communities from the left-hand navigation.
  • Mobile web – A mobile version of the platform.

—–If you have any questions about the system, feel free to reach us in the community titled  “Communiteer New Users Community” within our platform. Alternatively, you can email us at to have your queries directly addressed by one of our staff.

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