Purpose in Action 2.0 – A Recap

A Communiteer collaboration with Humanity in Business

We are thankful to have collaborated with Humanity in Business for their event last Friday Purpose in Action 2.0, sponsored by Allianz.

Humanity in Business ran an all-day event bringing together more than 120 skilled volunteers from a variety of corporate organisations and six Not-For-Profits that focus on mental health, namely Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia, The Banksia Project, LIVIN, Batyr, Uprise and Black Dog Ride. The objective of the day was to build purposeful leaders through providing skilled volunteering services to the Not-For-Profit organisations.

The key objectives of the day

The following are our four key takeaways from the day:

Creating shared value is key to engagement and commitment

We believe the alignment of individual purpose, corporate values and NFP missions was key to creating engagement and commitment on the day. Helping the delegates better understand and find common ground with each other and the Not-For-Profits helped to contribute to their willingness to engage with the challenges that the Not-For-Profits presented.

Speaking a common language can be challenging

All attendees were aware of the issues surrounding mental health, but the language they used to discuss the solutions varied greatly between the NFP and corporate sides. This presented a clear challenge and deserves further exploration as to how both sides can communicate and collaborate more effectively with each other.

Attendees working on creating shared value

The event revealed a community of contributors to mental health causes

There is a strong community of mental health organisation and supporters, although they are often not visible to each other. This event showcased to all of the delegates how enthusiastic and committed this community is. This event was an opportunity for all of the delegates to network and share their own experiences, building a stronger, more cohesive community that is better equipped to tackle the challenges presented in mental health.

The challenges evolved with more volunteer engagement

As the volunteers learnt about the challenges presented by the Not-For-Profits, brainstormed solutions, and planned and committed to the projects, the challenges evolved significantly from what was originally presented by the NFPs. This was quite surprising, but not unexpected, as the processing of creating shared value meant some negotiation on what needed to be addressed by the NFPs and what could be done by the volunteers.

Looking back

There were some great outcomes as the delegates connected with and learnt about the needs of the Not-For-Profits, collaborated with the Not-For-Profits and other volunteers and contributed towards solutions for the challenges. Despite the challenges of speaking the same language, the Not-For-Profits were thrilled to work with such skilled volunteers who not only aligned to the cause of mental health, but were also keen to champion the purpose and mission of their organisations.

We will be working with all NFPs and skilled volunteers over the following months to complete the proposed projects and keep the mental health community strong!

Looking forward

If you or someone you know have also experienced challenges in engaging the Not-For-Profit sector, we can help you be more effective and impactful.

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