Shopping for the Empowerment of Women and Girls featuring Jeremy Meltzer, Founder of i=Change

i=Change is a platform that weaves philanthropy into everyday purchases, by partnering with brands to enable them to pledge donations to female-supporting charities.  

i=Change Founder Jeremy Meltzer. Image Courtesy of i=Change

Turning E-Commerce into a Force for Good

“Choice can equal change. Who wants to contribute to change through retail?” 

Founder Jeremy Meltzer aims for brands to sell products for a purpose. His approach to working alongside brands who give back is, “holding them in an open palm and nurturing them as their social mission grows.” 

The i=Change platform is integrated onto brands online stores and at checkout, customers can choose where the brand’s $1 monetary donation goes and track the impact it makes in real-time. 

Image Courtesy of i=Change

More consumers are opting to shop online and by giving back when making purchases, they can accelerate the impact of development projects for women and girls. 

i=Change is working with a range of Australian and international brands including Pandora, By Charlotte, NARS, Clarins, Camilla, Nine West and Nimble Activewear. It is a simple way for brands to give back, by making a positive impact through each online purchase a consumer makes.  

Image Courtesy of i=Change

Increasing Customer Engagement

According to Meltzer, “Australia has the highest rate of abandon cart in the world, we are aspirational shoppers.” 

Turning Australian consumers into inspired shoppers, begins with being a socially responsible brand. 66% of global consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand, according to Nielson’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report. 

Millennials represent positive attitudes towards socially responsible brands, with 73% of them indicating a preference for shopping from a sustainable brand. In addition to this, 81% of millennials expect their favourite companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship. 

Jeremy Meltzer has tapped into the changing consumer attitudes through his platform, by empowering brands to bridge the gap between what customers want and what brands currently do.

Shopping from brands who give back, is paving the way for the empowerment of women and girls.  

Image Courtesy of i=Change

Their $1 million milestone means that i=Change has positively impacted over 250,000 women and girls within Australia and in 13 countries. These funds represent hope, opportunity and the growth of a movement for supporting women and girls. 

Written by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer. 

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