Strength in Diversity

Connecting, Mobilising, Facilitating


Diversity allows us to achieve more with varied experiences, skillsets and cultures.

As a connector, Communiteer is recognising the strength in diversity by bringing together individuals, communities and businesses from diverse backgrounds to share resources, insights and technical skills.

We are dedicating ourselves in 2020 to being the facilitator of this shared learning, starting with discovering more about the for-purpose organisations working against inequalities, the common challenges they face and how we can empower them using technology.

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How it Will Work

As part of this campaign, we will be bringing together over 300 value-aligned organisations for a series of events and online engagement activities. This will allow charities to raise awareness, exchange skills, and share subject matter knowledge across sectors, to tackle inequalities in a holistic manner.

This will focus on the sub-sectors of;

Modern Slavery

Disability Services

Migrant and Refugee Services

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The Strength in Diversity campaign will have a 6-month duration, forming the foundation for an enduring community. It is only in this mobilisation, that we can seek out new challenges with the foundations of connection, communication and understanding built.

Face-to-Face Volunteering Events

Identifying projects – technical, operational or strategical

Matching with skilled volunteers

Brainstorming and presenting solutions

Ongoing progress through online community post-event

Dates: TBC

Build an Online Community

Create your own community

Post online projects

Create discussion topics

Promote events

What’s in it for you?

Downloadable resources about the campaign. Continously updated with more information.


As part of this campaign, we will be bringing together over 300 value-aligned organisations for a series of events and online engagement activites.

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We will be bringing together the skills of corporate executives to help solve business challenges faced by the charity sector in a hackathon-style workshop.

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Coming soon.

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Past Achievements

Project Management Day of Service

Organised by Skill: Project Management

In October of last year, Communiteer co-facilitated, alongside Humanity In Business, the Project Management Day of Service, with the Project Management Institute Sydney. Sponsors were Atlassian and IIBA Australia Chapter.

18 charities and 90 volunteers, within 2 venues, worked to scope organisational projects. A  case study was created to record the outcomes and impact from the day.

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Bauer and Slingshot Media

Organised by SDG: Gender Equality

Taking place in December last year, Communiteer and Humanity In Business co-facilitated a hackathon focused on marketing challenges of charities within the gender equality space.

This event gave charities actionable steps towards defining their brand and digital marketing strategy, with outstanding work uploaded to the platform as projects to be completed with additional volunteers.

Case study coming soon!

Coming soon

Volunteering Australia

Organised by Skill: Marketing

Completion of skill-based volunteering projects on our platform is our bread and butter.

After a decade of brand transformations, Volunteering Australia wanted to recognise volunteers with a more enduring brand. This challenge required volunteers to rethink the brand strategy and provide a compelling design for marketing collateral.

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