Supporting a Loved One after a Miscarriage: The Pink Elephant Support Network

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 

The Pink Elephant Support Network nurtures women who go through miscarriage and infertility, through providing personalised peer support and online support groups. While each journey is unique, navigating how to show support can be made less challenging through using their resources. Validating their feelings of grief lies at the heart of reducing the emotional impact of their circumstances. 

Use Your Words

A guide on what to say and what not to say to a loved one after they have gone through a miscarriage. The language and the tone of what you say to them can invalidate their feelings of pain and loss, even if it is well-meaning. It can be as simple as saying to them “I’m sorry for your loss.” 

A Friend in Need 

A guide to providing emotional support to a friend when they lose a baby. Early miscarriage and pregnancy loss is an experience which will affect your loved one’s emotional wellbeing, so it can be difficult to know what you can do. It is important to be a caring friend, acknowledge her loss and be there for her. 

Partner Advice

Supporting your partner during the sadness and loss of a miscarriage is hard. It makes a difference to be present, supportive and empathetic after losing a baby. This guide helps you understand how to be there for her physically and emotionally while getting the support you need. 

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