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Take Climate Action: That’s a wrap!

Communiteer started the year with the goal of bringing environmentally-conscious organisations and individuals together to combat climate change and its long-lasting impacts. We called this campaign Take Climate Action.

As the 2020 lockdowns have made us all take a step back and appreciate the rich, healthy and wonderful world that we live in, taking climate action made sense. It was the perfect way to move forward from the pandemic and tap into our volunteering spirit once again.

Where are we now?

Between March and May, we rapidly grew our climate action community on our platform. This consisted of corporates, not-for-profits and volunteers to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of social impact.

​​We’ve been lucky enough to hear some inspiring stories from some of you. We hope we can continue to hear these stories.


NFPs were under immense pressure due to their lack of resources and time coming out of the pandemic.

During our campaign, 25 NFPs have joined us, with cause-areas ranging from animal welfare, water pollution, sustainable consumption, renewable energy and others related to climate action. Additionally, we conducted 29 consultations with 15 organisations, and 36 NFPs in total creating their own communities and actively recruiting volunteers.

NFPs recognised the benefits of virtual volunteering. They recognised that it’s here to stay while the world takes a blended face-to-face and online approach. This makes us even more determined to help the sector.

​​To be that listening ear, to help them connect with others, or to help brainstorm solutions, we’re always going to be here.


Many corporates are looking to do more good, and engaging in volunteering is an obvious answer to doing that. Throughout this campaign, corporations across different industries came to us and brought their working-from-home staff along to contribute towards climate action.

We’ve had 3 businesses approach us to build their corporate volunteering program, which amounted to 380 hours of volunteer work. We will continue to support corporates to build their social responsibility program, even n the campaign ends.


At the end of last year, our total user count was 1300. As of the beginning of May, that number has reached over 1750, an increase of 33%.

13% are regularly logging in, compared to 8% in February. Not only are we increasing our total, but we are forming deeper connections with those looking to make a difference.

Have we tackled climate action?

By onboarding NFPs onto our platform that are focused on different areas of climate action, we have helped to build communities that are passionate about building a cleaner, greener, healthier, safer and more resilient natural world.

We’ve built the communities, but now, we need to ignite that community and unleash the full force of social impact potential.

Currently, we have 193 NFPs, 8 corporates, 1750 Volunteers. Will you join us?


The communities that we have built during our Take Climate Action campaign will be enduring, meaning that they will continue to operate and create impact long after the campaign has ended. Of course, we will be here to provide any support if needed, and we will continue to share inspiring stories from these communities.

Going forward, we would like to help more corporates to kickstart their volunteering programs. Check out the learnings from our Leaders in Corporate Volunteering Event Series, where CSR Managers and corporate volunteers were able to connect and share inspirational stories.

In the meantime, we are busy preparing for our next campaign, which will focus on SDG4 (Quality Education) and SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). Will you join us?

Warm regards,

The Communiteer Team

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