The Benefits of Volunteering for The Supertee Project

Uniting his passion for popular culture with making a meaningful contribution to a cause, has further developed the skills of Communiteer’s Business Development Manager Morgan Ferrier. 

Through volunteering for The Supertee Project, Morgan Ferrier has been able to apply his skills beyond Communiteer. It has yielded unanticipated personal benefits for him, by giving him a sense of purpose. 

C: Do you feel like you have expanded your skill set through volunteering for The Supertee Project? 

MF: It’s giving me another outlet to use them. If you have the opportunity to use your skills, you should. In particular if you’ve got a proven record where that skill is concerned. 

C: What skill do you have a proven record of using? 

MF: I have a graphic design background. I’ve had the opportunity to create some really good-looking promotional material for a few programs they want to start running later this year. 

I’ve used my photography and content writing skills, to put together posts and share them. 

I also used my relationship-building skills. Some of the volunteer Cosplayers have been recommended by myself or I was aware of them before they got involved in the Supertee Project. 

C: How does it make you feel when you are applying your skills in a creative context? 

MF: It makes me feel very good because that’s what I wanted to do when I started studying that skillset, I wanted to use it in a popular culture mindset in some form. It was something I wanted to get into. The Supertee Project combined popular culture with a need to make a social impact, it’s an almost perfect balance. 

C: So, helping people find purpose and linking it to their passion can sustain an organisation? 

MF: That’s what the Supertee Project is doing and it’s a good symbiotic fusion relationship. 

C: What skills do you think you will further develop through volunteering for the Supertee Project? 

MF: There is more work I can do to strengthen my media skills and my relationship building skills, while integrating the work I do for Communiteer with the work I do as a volunteer. It’s given me a good perspective on what it means to be a good volunteer, rather than volunteering for the sake of volunteering. 

C: Can you give any advice to people who are volunteering for the sake of volunteering? 

MF: Don’t stop volunteering. If you’re a volunteer, it means you have a genuine desire to help people. If you are volunteering for a number of organisations at the same time, you might not have found your passion. What you need to do is stick with it, until you find that one passion that makes you sit back and realise “I’ve got one passion that is particularly suited to this organisation and that’s where I need to focus my efforts.” 

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