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What are the challenges facing students?

A 2018 survey found that many employers do not see students being ready for the workforce.

There are 8 critical skills that students need to be competent at to be career ready; teamwork, digital technology, problem solving, written communication, professional work ethic, leadership, career management and multicultural fluency.*

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are already in need of upskilling themselves for the workforce and now that the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic head on, we will further see the impact of it on students and it’s effect on the quality of their education.

Students who undertake internships or volunteering during study are 2.5 times more likely to start a new job after graduating than those who don’t.**

Furthermore, students whose courses included a service-learning program and those who completed a capstone course had between 16 and 49% greater odds, respectively, of starting a new job.

Communiteer believes there is a part to play in partnering with educational institutions, giving students the opportunity to utilise the skills they have learned and provide the real-world experience.

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How can Communiteer help?

Via virtual volunteering, students can:

  • Build the skillset related to their studies by working with NFPs
  • Increase their marketable skills and the stature of their resume
  • Learn about the different facets of social good
  • Network and form connections with NFPs and other volunteers
  • Overcome isolation
  • And most importantly …. make a difference!

* National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Job Outlook 2020

** Angie L. Miller, Louis M. Rocconi & Amber D. Dumford, (2017) Focus on the finish line: does high-impact practice participation influence career plans and early job attainment?

Our Solution

Stage 1: Develop a Mentorship Program Between Students & Alumni

Communiteer will support universities in existing or newly created mentorship program connecting existing students with alumni and university program runners to later collaborate on social impact activities. This will be an attractive offering for future and existing students looking to improve their employability.

Stage 2: Integrative Social Impact Learning

Communiteer will support university program runners integrating virtual volunteering in their placement programs, capstone subjects or as extracurricular activities. By leveraging the existing relationships built-in Stage 1, each group will be introduced to a not-for-profit client with a project on the Communiteer platform. The mentor will oversee the progress of the student carrying out the project.

Stage 3: Creating a Thriving University Community

By maintaining engagement with current students, university program developers and alumni, we can feed this energy into Stage 1 to form a continuous cycle. As students are further engaged with the guidance and support of the university, they will be encouraged to contribute as a mentor post-graduation, growing the community exponentially.

Join our Growing Community

Collaboration between students, staff and alumni alike for the purpose of social impact.


Resources & Case Studies

Volunteering as a Student

Are you a student looking to volunteer?

Download our flyer below!

Students Flyer

As Communiteer is a platform that allows volunteers to give their time, grow their sense of purpose and connect with community leaders, it was a natural fit to participate in this year’s National Student Volunteer Week for 2020.

In celebrating #NSVW20 we created a webinar to promote student volunteering, shared various pieces of content on social media and participated in the University of Sydney Business School Careers Expo.

Read our Case Study HERE