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To educate and engage organisations interested in online volunteering, we have created a series of FREE virtual events.

Online volunteering is a new and exciting space with the potential to create greater change in our society.

Our goal is to stir discussion around social impact, inform on the solutions available, but most importantly, to spotlight the stories of others who want to share their insights.

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For Volunteers

Story Circles

We’re doing our part to bring the stories that matter to the forefront and build that bridge to a brighter future for everyone.

Join if you are interested in:

  • Learning about the people behind the mission.
  • Hearing how NFPs are creating impact and touching the lives of so many people & communities even throughout lockdown.
  • Finding out how to support these amazing causes

Match 2 Impact

We’re here to cut through the mess and find meaningful volunteering opportunities that complement your skills, passions and schedule!

During this event we’ll be:

  • Chatting with our team of friendly Community Builders;
  • Meeting other volunteers;
  • Matching you with volunteering opportunities tailored to your skills and interests; and
  • Discovering new NFPs that support the causes you care about.

For Not-For-Profits

Connect Series

We are providing NFPs with the knowledge and resources to engage volunteers through virtual volunteering, community building and corporate engagement with our ongoing series.

1. Finding the Right Volunteers

2. How to Engage Volunteers Virtually

3. How to Recognise & Retain Volunteers

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For Corporates

IMPACT 2030, powered by Communiteer

The pandemic has certainly made it more challenging to re-establish communication lines and to get people to stay focused on these 17 Global Goals.

The Australian Regional Council will be running regular activities to ignite this community and inspire action.

We’ll be running monthly webinars to share knowledge on corporate volunteering and regular roundtables for our corporate members to make strong, cross-sector connections and drive action towards the SDGs.

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