Virtual Volunteering for Students #NSWV20

Virtual Volunteering for Students #NSWV20

National Student Volunteer Week 2020
Collective Impact: Give. Grow. Connect

As Communiteer is a platform that allows volunteers to give their time, grow their sense of purpose and connect with community
leaders, it was a natural fit to participate in this year’s National Student Volunteer Week for 2020. We are promoting virtual volunteering for students.

In celebrating #NSVW20 we created a webinar to promote student volunteering, shared various pieces of content on social media
and participated in the University of Sydney Business School Careers Expo.

Virtual Volunteering for Students

Our team facilitated a webinar titled, ‘Volunteering for Students,’ for those looking to upskill and gain experience while also making a
difference. While we capped the attendees to 20, we sold out within 2 days and received 55 clicks to our registration link in total, encouraging us to increase attendees to 40. We received an additional 20 clicks and 14 registrations.

Of 34 registrations, 25 attended, 15 signed up to our platform, and 5 joined a volunteering project. This attendance is 2.5 times
greater than our next highest public event attendance.

During the event, we polled attendees with the question; ‘How confident are you now in logging into the Communiteer platform and beginning to volunteer on a scale of 1 to 5?’ (1 being the least confident and 5 being the most confident)

Though not every student registered with their university email, those that did were from the universities of:

University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney
University of Melbourne
Torrens University
University of Queensland
Macquarie University
Victoria University

Social Media Engagement

Communiteer’s social media following grew by 1.1%. We received 236 engagements on posts, increasing from our
average of 86. And 55 clicks on call to actions, increased from our average of 45.

University of Sydney Business School Expo

On the 20th of August, Communiteer participated in the USYD Business School Expo where 155 students attended, 30 of which
expressed in interest in Communiteer.

We received 15 clicks on our sign-up link, and 5 followed through with sign up. Of those, 2 joined a project.

This event was compromised with crashes of the host platform, negatively impacting the interaction and attendance numbers.

Student Societies on Communiteer

UOW is participating in a Communiteer initiative involving the student societies, business school program runners, university staff
and alumni to create a strong and engaged community around the university based on social good.

After the completion of our onboarding process, RAKSOC is actively building a virtual volunteering community on the platform.
This will be promoted to USYD students to increase their membership and spread awareness of their mission of kindness.

Learnings So Far

The student volunteer crowd is much more engaged on average than our main focus audience of not-for-profits.
Students feel confident in approaching virtual volunteering projects and navigating the Communiteer platform.
Our conversion from engagement during the Expo and webinar to signing up for the platform was 40%.
From those that signed up, the conversion to volunteering for a project is between 35%, and 14% of total event engagements

Download this case study here!

To get your university involved in virtual volunteering with Communiteer, head here 👉

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