Virtually Together – August Update

Virtually Together – August Update

Welcome to our Virtually Together – August Update.

The deeper we go, the more we see how much the needs of not-for-profits have changed in 6 months. 🤨

Last month, we revealed in our newsletter how we were facing difficulties in our discussions with NFPs, while they tackled issues that threatened their organisations. Since workshopping this roadblock, we realised that a more comprehensive approach was required.

We have expanded our process of consultation and refined our workflow, building a stronger understanding of NFP’s needs, to translate into virtual volunteering opportunities. Therefore upholding the principle of quality over quantity across the board.

Additionally, our online events have provided ongoing guidance for NFPs with online engagement strategies and tech support. Already, we have seen a deeper engagement from our NFPs, a growing openness to new online solutions and an eager response from volunteers to meet this.

As a result of these changes, we’ve decided to extend the campaign to the end of the calendar year to make sure we have ample time to create the social impact needed for the NFPs that have joined the campaign.

Not only do we need to support organisations through the current situation, but also manage the recovery on the other side.

Our world has adapted to be virtually together, presenting a new frontier for social impact and endless possibilities.

Corporate volunteering is no longer about painting fences and handing out flyers, but instead directly contributing your strengths to aid not-for-profits in their time of need.

Our corporates have taken this on board, inviting their community partners to join our campaign so they can more easily contribute their time and skills to familiar faces, and record the social impact along the way.

This month saw us progress further and faster with the NFPs than we have before. Thanks to our corporates and community partners, we’ve been referred left, right and centre to organisations working in aged care, disability, mental health and community services.


national student volunteer week

Truly in the spirit of this years theme (Collective Impact: Give. Grow. Connect.), the team at Communiteer want to connect with students looking to volunteer as a way to broaden their skillset while increasing their employability and contributing to the community at the same time.

By participating in #NSVW20, you can celebrate student volunteers and also support the well-being of students experiencing isolation.

We’re running a FREE webinar ‘Virtual Volunteering for Students,’ where you can connect with our Community Engagement Officer, Chloe Ha.

During this one hour, we will be going over…

🟢 An introduction of virtual volunteering,

🟢 You can get started virtual volunteering using Communiteer, and

🟢 This could help you career-wise in the long run!

Take advantage of the current times stuck at home. Grow your skill set. Increase your employability and save the world all from the comfort of your own home.

Register by clicking HERE


United Nations Association of Australia virtual events

Join the UNAA Young Professionals Queensland for their third event in the ‘The Future We Want’ series: Humanitarian Changemakers’.

We are a collaborating partner for their ‘World Cafe’ style online event to bring you knowledge and understanding of what it means to work in the humanitarian sector.

The focus of the event will be linking you with current leaders in humanitarian organisations across health, climate change, refugee support and community/sustainable development.

Our CEO, Victor Lee, will be one of the guest speakers sharing his insights on how to connect, inspire and engage younger individuals, professionals and the wider UNAA community.

This is a free event running for two hours, showcasing the firsthand experience of panelists, and a networking session to have longer conversations.

Meet the incredible young professionals/change-makers who are transforming our systems and futures across the country!

Register by clicking HERE

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