Virtually Together – September Update

Virtually Together – September Update

Virtual volunteering connects people with different backgrounds, professions and passions to do good. 
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What has happened in the past month?
This past couple of weeks have seen us branch out to the student and university crowd to see how virtual volunteering can help skills development and lift engagement
Starting with National Students Volunteer Week, Communiteer connected with students during our webinar titled ‘Volunteering as a Student’ and at the USYD Business School Career Expo, leading to 20 sign-ups to the platform and 7 volunteers joining a project.

This is inspiring as we look to see how we can support the education sector now that learning has become much more reliant on virtual means. Many students are looking for an experience that increases people’s access to social justice whilst supporting the causes they’re passionate about at the same time.
We’re also connecting with more corporates looking to expand their community contributions thanks to our partnership with Good2Give. After our joint-webinar a couple weeks ago to Good2Give’s clients, many are seeing the value in combining workplace giving with corporate volunteering and engaging their staff working from home.

We look forward to telling you about these businesses embracing virtual volunteering in the coming months!
In riding this wave of corporate engagement, we’re also launching a new partnership with Hackathons International to combine the output driven nature of event-based volunteering, and the scalability of virtual volunteering by hosting these online.
Hackathons International aims to educate and create tomorrow’s changemakers, getting them to think outside of the box. They design, develop and deploy innovative experiences that achieve tangible outcomes.
After Communiteer connects corporates, NFPs and volunteers, Hackathons International will facilitate a collaborative virtual workshop using a tried and tested formula to engage professionals together across different teams and disciplines to ideate NFP business challenges.
After the event, we will provide the ability to volunteer ongoing on the Communiteer platform on the projects they’ve developed.

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Hackathons Intermational

New Communities This Month!

Rumie is leading the learning revolution! Based in Canada, they are removing barriers to learning through innovative technologies and providing access to devices and the internet.

Port Phillip Eco Centre is a not-for-profit, community managed, environment group, providing a base for affiliate groups involved in activities that promote bio-diversity, environmental sustainability and community action.

Funded by Settlement Services International, Ignite and Ignite Ability Small Business Start-ups initiatives facilitate business creation for people from refugee backgrounds and for people living with a disability.

RAKSOC is a student not-for-profit society at the University of Sydney, inspiring kindness and generosity in the university, local community and local business.

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