Virtually Together Weekly Update 02.06.2020

Welcome to our next weekly update for the Virtually Together campaign; where we use technology to tackle social isolation.

Last week, we joined the rest of Australia in celebrating National Volunteer Week alongside our corporates and community partners, thanking the millions of volunteers who drive social impact.

We’ve been working very closely with Volunteering ACT who are promoting Virtually Together as a joint-campaign to their members. A dozen charities from the ACT have already expressed their interest and this campaign was even broadcasted on WIN News Canberra.

Speaking of the media, we’d like to thank Pfizer for the launch of their PR campaign across the pharmaceutical and health care sectors to promote the potential of virtual volunteering to complement existing corporate volunteering programs.

Our next milestone is to get our online events off the ground.

Throughout June, we’ll have a number of lunchtime events focused on finding online solutions for organisational challenges, maintaining engagement with supporters, connecting our changemakers and of course demonstrating how to use the Communiteer platform for all of these purposes.

By clicking the link below, you’ll be directed to our events page. There are many dates still available.

Thanks again for checking in and I look forward to seeing you take part in our Virtually Together campaign.

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