Virtually Together Weekly Update 07.07.20

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Welcome to our next weekly update for the Virtually Together campaign 💻

We’re currently looking for that fine balance between community building and virtual volunteering. Whilst we know the power of combining these forces, we also understand that it may be a lot to take in for charities that are busy fighting fires.

In response to this, we’re going to simplify things by focusing on skill-based, virtual volunteering first. Starting with the skills that are most in demand such as: digital marketing, business continuity, finance and human resources.

Our upcoming events will focus on these skills and we will invite subject matter experts as guest speakers to share handy tips and project templates to help your organisation get started.

The number of Changemakers has increased by 75% since the beginning of 2020, half of those joining since the launch of our campaign in April. They’re ready and eager to assist Charities with your projects right away so be sure to get in touch!

Video: The Content People

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