Virtually Together Weekly Update 09.06.2020

Virtually Together Weekly Update 09.06.2020

Here’s our next weekly update for the Virtually Together campaign!

This week saw the launch of new events for our charities. 💻

Firstly, ‘Lunch & Connect’, aimed at providing a space for organisations to share their challenges in engaging their Changemakers. Secondly, our ‘Lunch & Learn’, introducing how the Communiteer platform can be used to engage and mobilise volunteers online.

By clicking on the link below, you’ll be directed to our events page. There are more sessions available throughout June.

During this campaign, we’re working with student organisations, starting with the University of Wollongong to mobilise staff and alumni members to provide support to students who are looking to grow their skills and gain experience by collaborating on social good projects.

The momentum of the campaign is continuing to grow and we’re on track to reach our target of 300 charities and 10,000 changemakers 💚

Be virtually together and join our growing community!

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