Virtually Together Weekly Update 28.07.20

The response to this campaign from the corporate sector has been unexpected. 🤨

Not only has Pfizer jumped in head first, but also broadcasted our collaboration to the medical and healthcare sectors.

Over 50 team members signed up to be Pioneers to kickstart the initiative, with a variety of skills including digital marketing, human resources, and finance.

Our approach has been to engage their existing internal champions already involved in volunteering and share our knowledge in skill-based volunteering and online engagement.

We were then introduced to Pfizer’s community partners and a wider group of healthcare NFPs through online webinars and warm introductions, facilitated consultations to identify their most pressing needs, and finally translated these into skill-based volunteering opportunities.

Like most of the sector, these not-for-profits are working hard to keep their doors open. As such, virtual volunteering may not be their top priority. We know, however, the potential impact that skill-based volunteering can create, and will continue to guide and support our not-for-profits through each stage of engagement.

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