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Every person is unique in the way they want to make a difference. We can help you find the best way to contribute to society, for causes that mean the most to you.

Why Communiteer?

At Communiteer, we want to use technology as a force for good to create a more equitable, humane and prosperous society.

We believe in a future where time is given freely, collaboration is commonplace and different experiences are recognised as a vibrant tapestry of a unified community.


Find meaningful volunteering opportunities matched to your skillset and availability that contribute to the causes you’re passionate about.


Stay motivated with personalised volunteering recommendations via email and an easy user experience on our platform.


Be a part of a community that will develop your professional skills and build your social CV, while growing your empathy for those in need.

Where do I start?

It’s easy to sign up and start making a difference!


Tell us what to call you and how to reach you.


Select the skills you can offer to those in need.


Read about not-for-profits to understand what they do.


Find a volunteering opportunity that works for you!

I want to make a difference!

Is your employer part of our social good network?

Communiteer connects, engages and mobilises corporate volunteers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

We coordinate volunteering programs that work alongside a business’ existing community partners to find new opportunities to participate, build awareness of social good in the business and create networking opportunities for new partnership across sectors.

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