weekly volunteering opportunities

Weekly Volunteering Opportunities

Weekly Volunteering Opportunities

The good we do does make a difference!

Welcome to this weeks summary of the weekly volunteering opportunities on the Communiteer platform. Virtual volunteering and online volunteering broaden the possibilities of what we can do to create impact to Take Climate Action.

We’ve all felt it at some point; that worry about our planet’s health & future, small in the face of unusual weather patterns that everyone’s experiencing worldwide.

Whether you call it Climate Anxiety or Eco-awareness, it’s a completely normal & valid response to the recent events happening around us.

What’s important is to not let that feeling stop you from being able to make a difference. To remember all the amazing feats that ordinary individuals just like us have achieved to protect the beautifully fragile world we live in.

Keep connected & volunteer in the latest Climate Action opportunities & events and meet other like-minded volunteers driven to making a difference.

Be a part of a community that will develop your professional skills and build your social CV, while growing your empathy for those in need.

Check out our weekly update to find volunteering opportunities you can get involved in!

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