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Why we’re here

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

The model comes up clear: We aren’t going to achieve these goals by even 2050 with our current invested resources.

We strongly believe in the power of volunteering to go across cultures, sectors and industries to build a shared understanding and unifying compassion.

Together, we can build supportive and inclusive infrastructure with the capacity to build a sustainable future.

Our Role

We provide a network for community organisations to engage in proactive problem-solving with corporate, education and government sectors.

As an expert in online volunteering and community building, our aim is to make volunteering accessible, scalable, measurable and meaningful. We are a:

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Guiding volunteering exchanges.

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Advocating for cross-sector investment.

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Facilitating collaboration & connection.

The Social Good Network

With businesses, educators and government resourcing the community sector to its full potential, we can reimagine the future of online volunteering in Australia.

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Enabled by employers, volunteering can be more economically accessible and lead to ethical business.

corporate volunteering, online volunteering, virtual volunteering

Curiosity in education builds the knowledge to spark innovation and leadership accountability.

corporate volunteering, online volunteering, virtual volunteering

Support, protection and investment in community organisations nurtures flourishing and resilient communities.

When we understand the experience of others, we change how we interact in our day-to-day lives, where we direct our consumer power, and how we influence our relationships, education and employment.

When we have the desire to do good met with the ones who need it, we create a better world.

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Progress for Global Goals

As a formal partner of the UN Association of Australia, we use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as our framework. Each hour volunteered, event attended, task completed, story read, or online community service interaction is measured and reported.

Online volunteering and community building create the opportunity to learn about the world around us and tackle the formative challenges of our time. A larger of ripple of change will expand across our globalised society, all stemming from civic participation.

When we understand the experience and challenges of others, we change how we interact with the world, where we direct our resources and buying-power to, and how we use our influence in our workplaces and institutions.

We envision a future with a global community of individuals, organisations and sectors united together to build a more equitable, humane and prosperous society for all.

We’re honoured our online volunteering approach has been recognised in Australia and internationally.

Winner – Australia, 2019

Best Private Sector, 2021

Finalist 2020 & 2021

Semi-finalist, 2021

Finalist, 2021