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We connect, engage and mobilise communities through virtual volunteering to impact global issues.

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Why we’re here

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. The model comes up clear:

We aren’t going to achieve these goals by even 2050 with our current invested resources.

Without volunteering, we fall incredibly short of what we need to move the dial. Though how can we with busy lives and competing priorities?

While we turned to our neighbours during difficult times, we need to rebuild our volunteer capacity, tackle global issues and build our collective social empathy.

Our Role

Giving back isn’t a cost, but an investment in our future.

As an expert in online volunteering and community building, we facilitate corporate and university programs that resource social causes, shift organisational cultures and guide volunteers towards their unique purpose.

We have built a system of cultural change that makes participation meaningful, measurable and scalable. We are an:

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The Social Good Network

Our network creates a space where the range of skills, people, and resources we need to achieve global goals can find each other.

We believe that unlocking the potential of skilled volunteering lies in community building with a common purpose. Through a combination of programmatic and technological solutions, our network connects, engages and mobilises online volunteering.

For the corporates, universities, volunteers and not-for-profits within our network, we create a shared sense of belonging that extends humanity past the screen. Which can’t be done by a job board alone.

When we have the desire to do good met with the ones who need it, we create a better world. One that has solidarity, compassion, equality and humanity for all.

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Our reach so far includes:


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And expanding thanks to key partners:

Progress for Global Goals

As a formal partner of the UN Association of Australia, we use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as our framework. Each hour volunteered, event attended, task completed, story read, or online community service interaction is measured and reported.

Community building is necessary to find the breath of skills needed to tackle the world’s greatest challenges, but it also helps us learn through doing. We see a larger picture of rippling change across our globalised society stemming from civic participation.

When we understand the experience and challenges of others, we change how we interact with the world, where we direct our resources and buying-power to, and how we use our influence in our workplaces and institutions.

We envision a future with a global community of individuals, organisations and sectors united together to build a more equitable, humane and prosperous society for all.

We’re honoured our online volunteering approach has been recognised in Australia and internationally.

Winner – Australia, 2019

Best Private Sector, 2021

Finalist 2020 & 2021

Semi-finalist, 2021

Finalist, 2021