Corporate Volunteering

We work with business leaders to increase staff engagement, enhance staff development, and position their organisation as an ’employer of choice’ by leveraging volunteering as the vehicle.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Access to a variety of volunteering events, programs and causes.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Strategic support in recruiting and mobilising employees.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Enhanced coordination of volunteering with our custom-built technology.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Aligned reporting to your business and impact goals.

The business case for volunteering.

See our range of volunteering events, programs and support services to see how we can achieve the following business objectives.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering

Sarah Clark

Head of Sustainability

We love what you’re doing and we want to do more of it. We’ve been able to lend some practical support to community organisations.

Jamie Nicholson

Corporate Affairs Manager

It helps us ensure a high level of employee engagement, to attract new talent and retain what we have. Mostly, it’s just a really good thing to do.

Leigh Simmonds

Patient Advocacy, CSR & RAP

Volunteering has helped our colleagues feel connected to the community. I’ve heard many great stories about people feeling like they made a difference.

Our Services & Activities

Build your ideal program with a range of ways to activate employee participation while establishing strong strategic foundations for success.


Create meaningful community engagement with activities based on the team size, location and timing.


Create deeper staff engagement on critical social issues with learning and volunteering.


With our years of experience in the volunteering space, lean on our knowledge to enhance your business and impact outcomes.


Our in-house digital storytellers are here to support you create engaging and enduring volunteering stories.


We combine the heart of volunteering with the accessible, flexible, and scalable nature of digital technology.

Let’s get started

We’ll work with you to find the ideal combination to reach your organisational goals and amplify social impact:

Our Corporate Volunteering Network

Hear the experiences of corporate volunteers using their skills for good and connecting with like-minded colleagues to support community organisations.