Corporate Volunteering

Drive organisational change

The rise in conversation around sustainability, and community impact shows customers are voting with their dollar. But they aren’t easily fooled by inauthenticity.

After such long periods of isolation, employees are thinking hard about how their employer represents their values. They want a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work. And interpersonal connections with their colleagues and managers.

Social impact is now a requirement to be buyer’s choice and in your employee value proposition.


Embrace corporate volunteering as the future of work.


Leverage volunteering & community building to increase staff engagement & wellbeing.


Become an employer of choice by cultivating community opportunities with shared-value.


Maximise measurable & meaningful impact from existing partners and resources.

Our Support

We unite leading strategies in corporate volunteering engagement to bring the humanity into technology.

By connecting to a volunteer’s ‘why’, we empower individuals to find their purpose, building a longer-term habit of giving to contribute to a sustainable online community.

Through our expert consultation and advisory process, we craft the ideal solution to achieve business outcomes and extend the possibilities far past investment.

Alongside our solution, we put your program in the best position for success with:

Ongoing support & evaluation

NFP & opportunity coordination

Detailed impact  reporting

Our Technology

Our platform seeks to address many of the key challenges in employee led giving, reducing the cost and administration of community participation. We make giving accessible, flexible, scalable and measurable.

  Easier coordination of opportunities

Employees take the lead in finding corporate volunteering opportunities that suit their commitment, skills and passions.

  Alignment to your social pillars

Each NFP is mapped to causes on our platform, making it easy to track impact, and participation on particular social areas.

  Variety of ways to volunteer

Employees can commit to scoped one-off projects, ongoing roles, face-to-face or online events. 

Our Programs

We hone in on the 2 key drivers of volunteering: community impact and personal development. We find the right ‘why’ to unite business and individual objectives, with structured programming to minimise coordination.

Community Impact

Inspire collaboration to reinforce values, address cultural gaps, and encourage ethical decision-making, measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Enhance strategies in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Procurement and Community Engagement.

Social & Sustainable Procurement


Join forces with Procurement Australia to improve our collective knowledge of circular economy practices and make ethical, sustainable choices at work. We can use business as a force for good to hit vital climate and modern slavery targets.

Pathway to Employment


Support students build their confidence with mentoring opportunities while cultivating your leadership talent. Empower future global citizens to explore a career of purpose, with the tools they need to be the change they want to see in the world.

Strength in Diversity

Volunteering not only drives action but exposes people to the experiences of others, building a more compassionate, inclusive and united society. Let’s revise Diversity & Inclusion training with a new way to educate and activate our teams.

Personal Development

Activate creativity with a unique technical,  interpersonal, and leadership development program, applying learnings to real-world challenges.

Enhance existing strategies in Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, People & Culture and Leadership Cultivation.

Well-being @ Work

good health and wellbeing

Uniting strategies in employee engagement and development for a pro-active approach to well-being. Activate your teams with the tools and knowledge to be well-being advocates for themselves, their colleagues and your corporate community.



Serve the community by inspiring creativity, problem-solving and compassion towards unique business challenges. Your teams will learn about social causes and NFP challenges, to then impart their knowledge to make an immediate contribution.

Our Corporate Network

Corporate volunteering is a powerful vehicle to deliver change across the entire organisation, including:


Social impact

Employee participation

Community engagement

People & Culture

Setting company values

Employee engagement

Learning & development


Corporate Affairs

Expressing company values

Customer trust & loyalty

Community advocacy

We are very excited to be collaborating with others to bring our colleagues’ skills to help solve a range of social issues, such as poverty, education, isolation, disability and ageing communities. We are looking to add resources and capabilities to the community sector at this unprecedented time when volunteering is needed more than ever.

Leigh Simmonds

Australian Manager for External Relations, Pfizer

I’ve been really impressed with how things have been progressing, how many nonprofits we’ve been able to sign up, to be part of our community, and about how we’ve been supported to mobilise our own group of pioneers.

Dan Poole

Lawyer (Pro bono), Hall & Wilcox

We want to show people there are others ways you can volunteer online. People see that it can still be very meaningful. We get our board involved, our tenants and make a real community effort, in groups that matter to us and those that we can affect.

Michelle Aziz

Sustainability Analyst, Mirvac

Let’s get started

We’ll work with you to find the ideal combination to reach your organisational goals and amplify social impact. Here’s how it works:

1. Tell your Story

Fill us in on your social pillars, CSR mantra, current programs & sustainability initatives. Where are you at currently?

2. Set expectations

Identify your participation targets and reporting requirements, now and in the future. Where do you want to go?

3. See our programs

We’ll walk you through each of our programs, which gaps they fill and how they can create the ideal volunteering experience for your staff.