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Everyone is unique in the ways they want to make a difference. We can help you find volunteering opportunities for causes that mean the most to you.

Communiteer breaks down global goals into tangible actions achievable by individuals and groups.

Every project scoped or volunteer hour given enhances the mission of NFPs to better access people in need. Every story read is a person with more knowledge to spread the message.

Every connection made is a stronger tie to the world of giving.

Communities are the drivers of change

Our vision is a world with individuals, organisations and sectors united together building a more equitable, humane and prosperous society for all. By joining our social good network:


Find your people by browsing the range of causes available. Learn about the mission of not-for-profits and reach out to support them with challenges.


Send and receive updates and messages with NFP Admins, and view the dashboard to progress with your volunteering opportunities.


Log your hours and record your contribution, tracking everything via the Volunteer Profile. Build your Social CV and make giving a part of your employability journey.

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Make greater impact with your organisation!

corporate virtual volunteering


Bring along your employer to activate business for good.

Volunteer alongside your colleagues, contribute to greater organisational impact and develop connections and skills.


Connect volunteering to your pathway to employment.

Complement existing study, bringing real world challenges to theory and make new professional connections.

Our Volunteer Network

My volunteering opportunities with Animal Aid Abroad through Communiteer was seamless and extremely rewarding. I was easily connected with an organisation with a fantastic ethos to do some volunteer work and utilise some of my professional skills.

Joannie Lee

Student Volunteer

I enjoy using the Communiteer platform because it is backed by real people who make this platform a lively environment for both charities and volunteers. This was the first volunteering experience in my life. I got an opportunity to add good karma to my life, and to experience a life well-lived. Thanks to Communiteer for making this possible.

Vijay Pawar


I love the Communiteer concept! It has made it really easy to connect with organisations and offer help, especially being able to search by skill/role. Sure, I’m passionate about the environment but I’ve a limited skillset so why not share it around!

Rebecca Archer

Pfizer Volunteer