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 Are you looking for a new experience to broaden your horizons and create impact at the same time?
We’re looking for changemakers to join our team!

Launched in 2018, Communiteer is a social enterprise utilising programmatic and technological solutions to connect, engage and mobilise volunteers to tackle complex social issues.

With the the uncertainty and volatility of the last few years, we have leveraged this as opportunity to experiment, validate and refine our approach to volunteering and community engagement. This time has allowed us to establish our leadership within Not-for-Profit, Corporate Volunteering and Student Volunteering spaces, and culminated in substantial funding granted by State and Federal Governments to develop programs to engage youth in volunteering.

As we enter a new phase of our organisation, from Start-up to SME, we are looking for new talent and expertise to join our team and accelerate progress towards our mission of growing our national volunteer pool.

What you can expect

An investment in your success, genuine respect and appreciation of your contribution.

Develop your skills

Apply your studies to real-world challenges, collaborate with our friendly team and make your mark on various projects and initiatives.


Guidance & Support

With an internal mentor to manage your progress and relevant tasks, receive a flexible experience based on  your professional and personal goals.

Build your resume

We’ll provide a reference letter to add to your resume and introductions to support your journey into the next opportunity.


Communiteer is a strong advocate for every individual in our community having something meaningful and unique to contribute. Though we also understand, through our own lived experience as students, the challenge in finding opportunities to explore career pathways and apply theory to real-world challenges.

Our internship program has been a cornerstone of Communiteer’s culture since day one, providing students with a place to experiment and learn on the ground while gifting us new perspectives and support for our product and programs.

Recently, Communiteer has been granted federal and state government funding to develop programs that engage youth and students in volunteering. As we close the door on ‘start-up’ and open the one for ‘SME’, we are continuing to make space for student internships to be a part of this new phase to include diverse perspectives and ideas on youth volunteering in Australia.

View our available opportunities below or contact us if you have other skills you’d like to offer.

Marketing Administrator

We’re seeking an organised, expressive person with marketing ambitions who can produce and schedule user-centric content to bring communications to life.


  • Researching trending topics and channel opportunities to build the marketing calendar;
  • Generating and adapting content across different mediums;
  • Collaborating with other teams and Digital Storytellers to build a rich and growing library of content to communicates CT’s impact;
  • Monitor and analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and adjust based on data-driven decisions alongside Coordinator and Manager.


  • Studying or training in Marketing, Communications, or a related field;
  • Experience, including theoretical, in applying marketing research and strategy;
  • Experience with social media and email marketing platforms;
  • Ability to handle multiple projects at once;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Event Administrator

We’re seeking a highly organised person who can plan ahead of time and think on their feet to support a range of online and in-person events delivered by Communiteer.


  • Working alongside the Event Coordinator to design innovative events to meet our stakeholders’ needs and amplify our impact;
  • Support and co-deliver the activities as planned on our events calendar, including setting upregistration pages, distributing collateral material and managing registration lists;
  • Reconciliation and follow up of all actions following events;
  • General support for in-person and virtual events and event rehearsals.


  • Studying or training in Event Management, Marketing, Project Management, Communications, or a related field;
  • Previous experience in events administration and/or coordinating people on and offline;
  • Strong coordination skills including planning, communication, time management and negotiation;
  • Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Business Development Assistant

We’re seeking a highly methodical person who can research, collate and analyse information on our target markets to support marketing and sales strategies.


  • Create, update and maintain target market CRM fields to understand our customers’ needs, ensure data integrity and amplify our collective impact;
  • Analyse data and produce reports on customer behaviour, sales and marketing performance, customer interactions and market trends;
  • Maintain CRM entries including contact details, status, activity, deliverables and any other needs as necessary.


  • Studying or training in Studying or training in Marketing, Research or Data Analysis;
  • Previous experience in research and/or data gathering;
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to make data-driven, concise decisions;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

UI Assistant

We’re seeking a detail-oriented person who wants to dive head first into a product team. You will gain a wealth of workplace experience relating to UI, UX and Product.


  • Create High Fidelity Prototypes on Figma;
  • Utilise UI best practice to suggest improvements;
  • Support Release testing where required;
  • Work on Jira tickets in Jira Software;
  • Ensure Confluence pages are up to date and linked correctly;
  • Work with Product team members to communicate updates to the platform;
  • Provide insights and feedback on other areas of CT to improve user interface.


  • Studying or training in IT, UI Design, UX Design, Graphic Design or similar;
  • Experience in UI principles, Jira and/or Agile processes preferred;
  • A flexible/adaptable approach to change and supporting others to do the same;
  • Both spoken and written communication skills with experience of adapting your style and approach to the audience and message to be delivered.

Community Consultant

This role focuses on learning about the VIO’s business challenges, then translating them into volunteering opportunities to be uploaded for skilled volunteers to tackle on our platform and in volunteering events.


  • Conduct pre-consultation qualitative research of the target market organisation to learn about their business challenges, current market position, and technologies;
  • Interview the VIO point of contact (Volunteer Manager, Corporate Partnership Manager, CEO) to define strategic challenges and hypothesise problem solutions;
  • Support our VIO sector development initiatives by moving organisations through our pipeline, and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience;
  • Support the management of VIO relationships with Communiteer.


  • Studying or training in Master of Business Administration (MBA) or majors in economics, finance, management, accounting, marketing;
  • Previous experience in consulting or customer service in the not-for-profit sector;
  • Problem solving & decision-making skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Community Builder

We’re seeking a proactive person who can design creative user-centric strategies to engage volunteers from corporate and university backgrounds, and representatives from VIOs.


  • Create and drive our community engagement strategies and coordinate our community engagement initiatives;
  • Facilitate successful virtual volunteering and provide technical support as needed;
  • Work with the Employer and Educator Teams to ensure that all new programs and services are implemented with clients smoothly;
  • Monitor the ‘health’ of the community and provide insights to improve user experience.


  • Studying or training in Community Engagement, Communications, Program Design or a related field;
  • Previous experience in community building, sector engagement, or customer service in the not-for-profit sector;
  • Strong skills in building and growing communities in different settings;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

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