We’re here to help you find volunteers.

If you’re part of a Not-For-Profit, Social Enterprise or local community group and would like to optimise your volunteer engagement, Communiteer can help.

Communiteer is a social enterprise that recognises the increasing demand for community services. We have a mission to ensure that every citizen has the access, ability and desire to contribute to a thriving community.

Communiteer exists to support the community sector, and hence, all our services are free for Not-For-Profit organisations, social enterprises and local community groups.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Gain access to our network of volunteers on the Communiteer platform.

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Join our interactive webinar sessions to help you maximise your volunteer engagement.

Employee volunteering corporate volunteering


Gain exposure to employee and student volunteers through our cross-sector programs.

The Communiteer Platform

We have a centralised platform to help you recruit and manage volunteers, and grow your network of volunteers.

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1. Request a Community

Tell us more about your organisation. Click on the button below to submit a form.

2. Build your Community

Populate your community page so volunteers can find your community.

3. Find your Volunteers

Explore our network of volunteers by their skills or causes they’re passionate about.

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Volunteer Management Training

We hold interactive training sessions to help you better engage with volunteers. These sessions are held regularly throughout the year.

Volunteer Management Essentials will take you through some practical approaches to the basics of volunteer management: recruitment, engagement and retention.

Topics include: Understanding volunteers, recruiting and onboarding volunteers, person-centred volunteer experience, retention & turnover, and volunteer recognition programs.

Join us for an interactive webinar to help you take your organisation’s volunteering programs to the next level.

Volunteer Management Power Up will guide you through current and leading topics within the community sector and explore how you can adapt your volunteer management approach to consider the ever-evolving social landscape.

Check out previous sessions!

Our Programs & Events

Our volunteer programs are designed to connect you with Employers and Educators looking for ways to engage their people into local communities. If your organisation is looking for cross-sector awareness opportunities, get in touch via the form below!

Note: Availability is dependent on our Employer and Educator network.

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Rebecca Nguyen

Community Engagement Liaison (VIOs)

Our Not-for-Profit Network

It really makes a difference for a fledgling social enterprise. You don’t have a lot of money. So having that sort of volunteer just really makes a huge difference.

Gary Allen


In just a few weeks we have recruited for multiple skilled volunteer positions that we have been unable to fill elsewhere.

Dan Peyton

Head of Impact & Engagement, Habitat for Humanity

I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism. I’m confident that we’re going to get a pretty good outcome.

Ian Stewart

Digital Manager, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia