Sustain and accelerate your impact.

Communiteer is a social enterprise with a mission to connect, engage and mobilise volunteers towards the world’s greatest challenges.

We strongly believe in the power of volunteering to go across cultures, sectors and industries to build a shared understanding and unifying compassion.

Learn more about us, our platform, and corporate programs by reaching out to our team. Together, we can build supportive and inclusive infrastructure to take volunteering into the future.

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Volunteer recruitment  and engagement made easier with online communication tools.

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Build your volunteer base with a space for impact storytelling and recognition.

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Build new relationships through our corporate volunteering events and programs.

We’re here to help you find volunteers.

To support the community sector, we offer our solutions and services for not-for-profits and other for-purpose organisations at no cost.

This is in return for their supply to the network with stories that spread awareness and opportunities that activate volunteers.

Without this essential partner in the volunteer engagement journey, scalable impact for global goals wouldn’t be possible.

Hear from Raj, our NFP Sector Manager

Got a question?

Connect with our friendly team! Let us know what you’re looking for in volunteers, the skills and capacity needed, and the contact details for your organisation.

We’ll let you know of the upcoming information sessions to get you set up on our platform!

What’s your Volunteering Story?

By participating in our largest research project yet, you’ll be shaping the direction of our support in the community sector.

Join the Social Good Network

It’s simple to begin your virtual volunteering journey. We’ll give you the tools for the best practice in recruitment, engagement and collaboration with volunteers.

connect with volunteers, find volunteers

1. Join an info session

Learn about the Communiteer platform, then join our consultant team to identify your strategic challenges.

2. Build your community

Populate your community with your mission and vision so volunteers can find your community while browsing.

3. Find volunteers

Explore our network and find volunteers by their skills and badges, and begin inviting them to your community.

Collaborating Together

With businesses, educators and government resourcing the community sector to its full potential, we can reimagine the future of volunteering in Australia.

Corporate power to invest in our future

Enabled by employers, volunteering can be more economically accessible. Allowing employees to express the causes they care about, will lead industries towards sustainable economic growth.

Education to drive social progress

Fostering curiosity for education on social, cultural, environmental and economic issues builds the knowledge to spark innovation and accountability in our leadership.

Community organisations to capture goodwill

Greater support, protection and investment for VIOs allows them to bridge those in need with those who can help. While playing a critical role to nurture flourishing and resilient communities.

Government to provide enabling infrastructure

We can build the critical foundations for long-term impact with the right structures, incentives and strategies for cross-sector collaboration.

Microsolidarity Network

Our Not-for-Profit Network

We just can’t say loudly enough just how great the Communiteer platform is in terms of putting social enterprises in touch with students and volunteers who want to make a contribution. It really makes a difference for a fledgling social enterprise. You don’t have a lot of money. So having that sort of volunteer just really makes a huge difference.

Gary Allen


In just a few weeks we have recruited for multiple skilled volunteer positions that we have been unable to fill elsewhere. We’ve been very impressed with the proactivity, knowledge and passion shown by the volunteers recruited through Communiteer, and are already thinking about how else skilled volunteering can support our projects and ambitious goals.

Dan Peyton

Head of Impact & Engagement, Habitat for Humanity

I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism. I’ve been involved with a lot of hackathons in the past for about 15 years ago. But the level of structure and iteration that’s going to happen, I’m confident that we’re going to get a pretty good outcome. The people that are in those groups seem to be pretty switched on and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming out of it.

Ian Stewart

Digital Manager, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia