3 Ways To Find Student Volunteering Opportunities

August 12, 2019

Communiteer Team, Communiteer

student volunteering opportunities

While managing course deadlines and work commitments, students can build strong relationships within the community by volunteering. Here are 3 ways to find suitable student volunteering opportunities.

student volunteering opportunities

Seeking Flexible Student Volunteering Opportunities

Finding a volunteer organisation with a flexible working culture, enables students to make volunteering a priority amongst the sea of assignments and extracurricular activities. Instead of recognising volunteers for showing up, we can recognise their contribution to creating social good.

A time and place volunteer role does not equal better outcomes for society. 

Young volunteers want to commit to the achievement of a particular and tangible goal. Digital volunteer platforms enable them to track their progress and visualise the targets they are achieving. 

Seeing Volunteering as Skill Development

Connecting with volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests, is a way students can thrive during the early stages of their career. Offering their specific skills to a volunteer organisation has a twofold positive impact on the transition from student to young professional. 

Students can enhance their existing skills and identify areas for improvement, while helping an organisation build their capacity for making change. Through this, they can explore student volunteering opportunities to excel while building relationships contacts with future clients or employers.

Being an Event Volunteer

Events are the perfect student volunteering opportunities! Students can make a one-day commitment while developing a tie to the community that lasts a lifetime. Showing up and doing what they can at a fundraiser or charity event, connects them to people who care about doing what they can for the community. 

Event volunteers can choose whether or not they form a long-term connection with a volunteer organisation. One day provides invaluable experience and a resume boost for students seeking a job.

We encourage you to volunteer and think about how you can participate in the community during National Student Volunteer Week and beyond!

Written by Annie Renouf, Content Writer at Communiteer

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