Platform Release 2.0.1 & 2.0.2

July 25, 2022

Alexander De Barros Santos, Communiteer


2.0.1 is the first release since the major platform overhaul! Its main goals were to stabilize platform usage while making it a more beautiful, enjoyable experience.

2.0.2 actually came out about a week later, but we had not even got 2.0.1’s notes out yet! So we’ve combined them into one mega release note. Similarly this was focused on system stability, with the added feature set of Badges.

Key Changes


There are major changes to the overarching UI of the platform, this includes more cohesive imagery, fonts and colours. Huge shout out to our design team who has worked with us tirelessly to make this the best version of the platform to date!


We did a lot of backend work here to make Explore Volunteers load and filter much faster. For reference, this went from 8 seconds to .5 of a second. We know that 7.5 seconds of your time would be much more useful in your hands! Similarly, chats should now load almost instantaneously. We are aware of the issue of profile pictures not loading in the chats and will look to resolve this in the coming releases.

Head Admins

On designing this major change to the platform we knew we would need to have a way to change the point of contact for communities. In the meantime, we had the solution that the first admin to join the community would be assigned the point of contact. Simple and elegant solution! However on going live we realised that our community onboarding process has a communiteer staff member be the first admin to join a community. Much less simple, much less elegant! That means we developed a feature where we can change the “Head Admin” of a community at will depending on the NFPs’ needs. Community Builder, Willem Booker’s chat history has never been so happy!


Badges and feedback are now live on the platform! You can now show all your friends (and rivals!) how reliable, delightful, brilliant etc. you are with awesome badges on your volunteer profile. For you Community admins out there you can show your appreciation to your volunteers using this nifty new feature!

Numerous Bug Fixes

From onboarding to opportunity creation we have implemented many bug fixes to make a more seamless experience. We do know there are more to deal with and we will continue to work through them in each release. In the meantime keep sending them through and you can find a list of ones to be resolved below in the Known Issues list.

Bug Fixes!

You will notice that many of the Bug Fixes/Known Issues will be written as what is called a story. This helps ensure we know the user who is having the issue, where the issue exists and what should be happening. What you are not seeing here is the Expected Results and Actual Results.

For example.

As a customer, when at a bakery, while purchasing a pie, I want to receive a pie when I give them my money.

Expected Result → I pay for a pie, and I receive a pie

Actual Result → I pay for a pie, and I receive a 2007 Mazda 3

Volunteer Journey

While signing up on Onboarding:

I want to be able to pick more than 3 causes and be allowed to move forward in onboarding.

If I forget to pick a cause/skill and get the error message that I need to pick one, on resolving the issue I want the next button to go to the next phase of onboarding.

While in My Dashboard: When I hit Enter on the search bar I am presented with a 403 error

When on Explore Communities: I want the page to display all 12 tiles.

Not-for-Profit Admin

When viewing a Volunteer’s Profile:

I want to see only real Feedback.

I want to see only real endorsements.

When creating an Opportunity:

Page 3 (RBO/PBO): I want to be able to press a Back button and it takes me back to page 2.

Page 2 (RBO):

  • I want to be able to update the end date of an opportunity.
  • I want to be able to select Greater than 1 hour on time.
  • I want to be able to select more than one skill in creating a task.
  • I want to be able to press a Back button and it takes me back to page 1.

Feature Refinements


  • Optimise chat load speed
  • As Communiteer staff, when interacting with the backend, on the relevant table, I want to be able to assign a user the status of Head Admin
  • Optimise Explore Volunteers Load/Filter Methodology
  • FT Refinement – Help Page


  • Dashboard
  • Community Landing Page: Main Header & About Us
  • Opportunity Tiles
  • My Profile
  • Logo size change
  • Sign up Onboarding Illustration
  • Volunteer’s Public Profile
  • Sign in and Sign up Forms
  • “Small” Avatar size change
  • NFP tiles
  • Explore Communities page
  • All icons’ colour change
  • Sign in and Sign up Background

New features

Volunteer Profile – Feedback

Not-for-Profit Admin

  • Manage Community: Opportunity, About us – Edit, About us, Popups, Discussion, Notice Board, Manage Volunteer Tiles, Manage Volunteers
  • NFP Explore Volunteer – Page Refinement
  • Sign in and Sign up Background
  • NFP Explore volunteers – Tile Update
  • NFP Topbar
  • Volunteer – Community Landing Page – Other pages (except for About Us)
  • Create Opportunity – Step 1 & 2
  • Feedback popup

New Feature
  • Provide Badges/Feedback

Known Issues

Please note this list is not in any kind of order, we will try to prioritise based on the impact on our users! If you see something here that you think should be a high priority please let us know at


While navigating Explore Communities: 

  • I want the scroll bar to remain after applying a filter.
  • When I sort, I want the sort to apply to all results, not just results on the current page.
  • When I sort via NFP Size, I want it to reflect the selected ASC/DSC.
  • Invite Only communities should not appear.
  • When clicking Give Feedback via the Account Dropdown, when I press star 4, I want all previous stars to fill in also.

When in My Profile: 

  • I want to be able to cycle through all functions using the TAB button.
  • When editing my name on My Profile, I want to be able to save changes when I edit it.
  • When I interact with the Deactivate Account overlay, when I Press Deactivate, I want my account to be deactivated.
  • When I Edit my Name, I want to be able to save changes without changing my organisation.
  • When looking at the top navigation, I want to be notified that I have a new message.
  • Feedback Tab: I want the badges to only show real awards rather than placeholder text. I want to be able to edit my displayed badges and the order.

When browsing Role Based Opportunities: While in the opportunity, when I click “Message Admin” I want to open a chat with that admin.

Not-for-Profit Admin

When in Manage Community

  • Editing Causes: I should only be able to have 3 causes. If I try to save more I should be blocked and told why.
  • Notice Board: When I edit a notice and save changes, I should be placed back on the Notice Board when changes have been saved.
  • Discussions: When I Create a Discussion, I want it the discussion to show up without needing to refresh the page.

When editing a Role Based Opportunity: I want to be able to invite volunteers to join the opportunity.

When creating a Project Based Opportunity:

  • I want the skills, location and tasks that I input to be carried over the created opportunity.
  • I want to be shown “Opportunity Created” and then be redirected to the opportunity when I create an opportunity.

When editing a Project Based Opportunity: I want to be able to save changes when I Edit it.

When a volunteer joined my community: I want to show their buttons rather than the View Community and Accept button

When giving feedback: I only ever want to be able to give each individual volunteer a badge once.

When in Manage Volunteers: When I click a volunteer’s name to view their profile, I would like to Updated profile (visible via Explore Volunteer) to be shown.

We welcome you to log into the platform, explore the changes and begin collaborating with our community.


If you have any further questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at:

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