Platform Release 2.0.3

August 9, 2022

Madison Bryant, Communiteer


Another fortnight another release, what have we in store this time?

This is a major stability release, it has a large number of bug fixes as well as feature refinements. It also has some fun behind-the-scenes stuff that should improve performance to give people an even better experience while reducing overhead on development as well!


Chat has got even faster!

Now it also provides a simple indicator to let you know you have new messages. While not a revolutionary feature it is very useful!

Request Scoping now works as intended!

There was a nasty bug that was not alerting an NFP when someone requested scoping. The front-end told us it worked…..the front-end LIED! Either way, it’s all tidied up now.

Opportunity-based sort on Explore Community!

The recommendation engine we use to connect volunteers and NFPs will always be in front of mind. We wanted to test out pushing organisations that have many Active or Open opportunities to the front of the list, we will monitor this and adjust to give people the best experience.

Emails are back online!

While they have been offline for a while we want to re-introduce them slowly. As such users will only receive emails informing them of when somebody on the platform messages them directly. We feel this is the best way to give only useful information by email, without spamming people about what is happening on the platform.

Bugfixes, bugfixes everywhere!

Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of all the little gremlins that have been eradicated on the platform. While the old adage of “fix one bug and two take its place” is always a concern we have made major strides in creating a more stable, streamlined platform experience.


As Any User:

  • When looking at the top bar, I want the red icon to appear to indicate that I have notifications or messages.
  • Fix the sudden slowing down of the platform because of CDN issues.

As a volunteer:

  • When I have multiple causes on my profile, and when exploring communities, I only ever want a community to show up once.
  • When exploring communities, Invite Only communities should not appear.
  • While navigating Explore Communities, when I sort, I want the sort to apply to all results, not just results on the current page.
  • While navigating Explore Communities, I want the scroll bar to remain after applying a filter.
  • While on My Dashboard My Communities, when I select Request Scoping, I should get a popup notifying me I have requested scoping AND the “requested scoping” function kick in.

As a Community Admin:

  • When creating an Opportunity on Page 3 (RBO/PBO), I want to be able to press a “Done” button and it brings up the Opportunity Created overlay.
  • When I press Edit Photo on my community, the overlay does not fully cover the intractable area.


  • As a volunteer, while on Explore Communities:
  • I want the community card to show the number of Active AND Open opportunities in the community.
  • I want the communities to be sorted by Active AND Open Opportunity by default, and for this to be a selection in the sort function.

  • Topbar Chat Message loading Optimization

  • Refinements:
  • Feedback Giving
  • Create Opportunity – Step 3
  • Skills Edit
  • Profile Badge Edit

  • Opportunity Creation:
  • Add the Description Popup for Project Based and Role Based on the Opportunity Page
  • NFP_Opportunity – Edit Opportunity – Where Dropdown
  • NFP_Create Opportunity – PBO/RBO – Page 3 Invite Volunteer API
  • NFP_Opportunity – Edit Opportunity
  • NFP_Create Opportunity – RBO – Page 3

  • Volunteer-Dashboard:
  • My Workspace – My Opportunities – Columns

  • Manage Community – Volunteers:
  • Invite Sent
  • Requested Scoping

  • Topbar:
  • Chat
  • Notifications – Open Chat
  • Notifications – Start Scoping

  • Feedback Feature:
  • Load all badges that haven’t been awarded by community

For any feedback or support queries about the Communiteer platform, contact!

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