Newest Additions – Platform Release 2.3

February 15, 2023

Alexander De Barros Santos, Communiteer

Platform Release 2.3

What in the world?! Platform Release 2.3?

Welcome to the platform release 2.3, the first of 2023…. 2023 how did that happen?
Best not think about it!

Hope you all had a wonderful break, filled with overeating and that feeling of guilt that comes with it. Actually scratch that. NO GUILT!! Its nice to enjoy ourselves once in a while.

Wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah platform release 2.3!

Platform Release 2.3

Highlights of Platform Release 2.3

Autobadging! Do 10 hours? you get a badge. Do 25? also badge. 100 hours? Believe it or not, badge.
There are many different badges for you to go out and get. Have fun!

OAuthentication! Oh did you see that cool thing on the sign in page?
Sign in with Google/Microsoft/G2G, yeah thats right! We got Oauthentication now! 
(Just a heads up currently we cannot link old accounts to new oauthentication requests. Stay tuned for an update on this.)

Ongoing RBOs! Some RBOs can go on for an indefinite time. We wanted our system to reflect that rather than have ones exist until the 31/12 /2099. Although there might actually be an opportunity that would exist until then…..I have questions….

Tech Debt! As any platform grows so does its tech debt. What a function starts as vs what it becomes are often very different, and code changes are made on top of the original design. In order to maintain page efficiency we need to go back and refactor this code to do what we want it to do now. That was a lot of words. Simply put, Platform Go Faster Now.

Numerous Bug Fixes! Always good to get in there with as many bug fixes as we can. As always if you have a bug please send it 

That’s all for now, Folks!

Well I hope you enjoyed the notes for platform release 2.3!

We have so much on our roadmap for 2023 that we want to talk about, but I was always taught that being mysterious is cool so we’re gonna do just that! More accurately things change a lot over design and development and that providing hard dates is something that sets us up for failure and disappointment.

What I can say is that we are looking beyond our current platform release 2.3, to deliver the best volunteering experience possible for all parties involved,
so stay tuned!


PROD-2795 Badge Feature: Automate the giving of badges for certain user criteria

PROD-2887 Volunteer Profile – View as Not-for-Profit

PROD-2962 Build Chat Center: Search Functionality

PROD-2983 Build Community Notice Board Search and Sort Functions

PROD-2985 Build Community Discussion Page Sorting and Search Functions

PROD-2987 Build Community Resource Search and Sort Mechanism

PROD-3004 Volunteer Profile – Skills and Causes – Set to Public Button API

PROD-3228 [Technical Debt Cleanup] Community queryset

PROD-3253 As a NFP Admin, while creating an RBO, When on page 2, I want to indicate an RBO is ongoing, and for this to show up under the When field.

PROD-3389 View EBO (Community Admin) – View Volunteer

PROD-3419 Implementation of Google OAuth

PROD-3420 Implementation of Microsoft OAuth PROD-3443 [Tech Debt] Onboarding P

ROD-3444 [Tech Debt] My Communities page

PROD-3470 [Tech Debt] Communities and Explore Events page


PROD-3178 As a Volunteer, while on My Dashboard My Opportunities, when I click message admin, I want the chat to open with the relevant admin

PROD-3204 As a Volunteer, when on My Profile Feedback Tab, I want the badges to only show real awards rather than placeholder text

PROD-3205 As a Volunteer, when on My Profile Feedback Tab, I want to be able to edit my displayed badges and the order

PROD-3207 As either Volunteer or NFP Admin, when clicking Give Feedback via the Account Dropdown, when i press star 4, i want all previous stars to fill in also

PROD-3290 As a Community Admin, while creating an opportunity on page 3, when i press “Done” and click outside of the popup, the done button becomes non responsive and I am unable to create the opportunity.

PROD-3291 As a community admin, while on any space where I invite a volunteer to an opportunity (Page 3 of Opp creation or Invite Volunteers on an opportunity), I want the volunteer tiles to be the up to date design and actual badges.

PROD-3296 As any user on platform, while on My Profile My info, I want to be able to edit my name and it to show on system.

PROD-3445 As any user, while interacting with a PBO, I want the page to load correctly even if one of the participants in the PBO has their badges set to private.

PROD-3446 As any user, while interacting with a PBO, I want the chat heads to not spill over if they have a lot of skills enabled.

PROD-3477 As a new user, when creating my account, If I select “Other” as my organisation, the Begin button at the end of on boarding becomes unresponsive.

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Platform Release 2.3

Newest Additions – Platform Release 2.3

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What in the world?! Platform Release 2.3? Welcome to the platform release 2.3, the first of 2023…. 2023 how did that happen?Best not think about it!Hope you all had a...