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November 10, 2022

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Did you know that 4 out 5 people who are exploited go undetected?

83% of them are women and girls. They are left with trauma, isolation and hopelessness because they often can’t afford and access support.

About the Founder of HerSpace 

In 2009, Emily Hanscamp visited Mumbai and was confronted by the exploitation and trauma faced by the women there. She saw that above everything else, psychological and emotional anxieties were the most significant challenges for women who were trying to leave situations of exploitation. 

Emily founded HerSpace to support women experiencing exploitation. It was originally founded to raise fund for survivors of sexual exploitation in India, then Emily realised how bad the problem was in Australia. It is now focused on creating a safe healing space for girls and women in Australia. 

Make space to support HerSpace

About HerSpace

They are a mental health and wellbeing recovery service for women over the age of 16 who experienced exploitation in Australia. It is the first service of its kind in providing mental health support for survivors of exploitation. The types of exploitation they have provided support for include sexual exploitation, human trafficking, slavery and salvery-like practices. They offers 3 types of service areas;

  • Wellbeing & Mental Health Services – helping women survivors begin their recovery journey and move forward with their lives.
  • Education, Training & Advisory Service – HerSpace offers education, training and advisory services on recognising and understanding the issues and impacts of exploitation in Australia.
  • Research & Advocacy – With comprehensive research and innovative Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks, HerSpace offers robust evidence on the issues of exploitation and best practice support for survivors.

How to help HerSpace

Make some space and see how you can help!

HerSpace is looking for volunteers for passionate and committed volunteers who can become key actors as a Philanthropy Manager, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Marketing and Communications Specialist or Grant writing specialist. To browse these opportunities, click here

If you would like to contribute to HerSpace, and don’t fit in any of the roles above, join their community to book a scoping session to chat with them about how you can make an impact.

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