Skilled Employee Volunteering

Connect, collaborate, contribute

In our evolving corporate landscape, employees’ priorities are shifting. They’re looking for learning opportunities, but also more meaning in their daily work.

Inspire creativity, problem-solving and compassion in your teams while supporting NFPs to sustain and scale their impact on social causes with skilled employee volunteering.

This event caters for:


Hybrid, virtual, and in-person


25-200 volunteers

Community Partners

4 organisations


Foster team cohesion and collaboration with for-purpose problem-solving.


Bring a new challenge that exercises interpersonal and technical skills.


Reinforce company values with a strategic impact for local social causes.

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A new volunteering experience

We’ll maximise the participation and impact of your event with carefully crafted activities throughout key stages.

On the Day

In groups of 4-6, your employees will form a multidisciplinary team to focus on a community challenge in a condensed 4-hour event.

This event is a short, pressurised process where ideas are designed, developed, deployed, and demonstrated, within 5 phases to maximise the impact of skilled employee volunteering.

skilled employee volunteering

Team forming & context setting

Co-delivered with Comuniteer, we’ll introduce teams to the hackathon format, announce groups and set intentions.

skilled employee volunteering

NFP mission & challenge

Hear the stories behind NFPs and the challenge they’re bringing. Including questions and clarification.

skilled employee volunteering

Brainstorming & Ideation

Structured, multi-stage ideation utilising scalable online tools. Fast-paced and engaging to capture focus and creativity.

skilled employee volunteering

Presenting the Final Solution

Group pitching of the final solution to NFPs, with live feedback and discussion with other groups.

skilled employee volunteering

Recognition & Reward

NFPs choose their preferred solution and share the impact from contributions. Story capturing for post-event video.

Let’s get started

skilled employee volunteering

Alexander O’Shannessy

Sector Development Liaison for Employers

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Hear the experiences of skilled employee volunteering and connecting with like-minded colleagues, all while supporting community organisations.